TMNT Spider-Bytez Review (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2013 Figure)

TMNT Spider-Bytez Action Figure Review Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles 2013

I don’t pick up every action figure released in the 2013 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, but when I do, it’s usually an extremely cool-looking inhuman mutant of some kind. As soon as I saw Spider-Bytez in the Ninja Turtles cartoon series, I knew I wanted to own that character in toy form. Spiderbytez was announced earlier this year and finally began shipping a few months ago, but it wasn’t until this week that I was able to finally find one of my own (albeit by ordering online). Was Spider-Bytez worth the waiting and fuss to get? Read on…

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MOTU Classics Lord Dactus Review (Masters of the Universe)

MOTU Classics Lord Dactus Review

Lord Dactus is not a character I have any overwhelming affection for. To be brutally honest, I had to pull out my He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 200x DVD set and watch the episode with him just so I could remember who he was exactly. Even so, at a glance it’s easy to tell that Mattel and the Four Horsemen put a lot of time into making the Lord Dactus figure look exquisite. My MOTU Classics Lord Dactus review would be overwhelming positive, if not for a jarring flaw in the figure that causes it to fall (in more ways than one)…

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Star Wars Black Series Sandtrooper 6″ Figure Review

Black Series Star Wars Wave 1 Sandtrooper with Light Repeating Blaster Rifle

Having finally reached the point where Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu actually saw production as a Star Wars 4″ figure, Hasbro has finally deigned to give Star Wars collectors the 6″ Star Wars action figure line that fans have been begging for for the past decade. I bought a whole case of Star Wars The Black Series Wave 1 6″ figures, and where better to begin than with a review of the collecting community’s current darling: the Star Wars Black Series 6″ Sandtrooper figure…

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Wheeljack Transformers Prime Deluxe Action Figure Review Robots in Disguise

Cardback Transformers Prime Wheeljack Deluxe Revealers Toy 2012 Hasbro

The more things change, the more they stay the same–for the most part. While the Transformers Prime animated series launched at the end of 2010 with an all-new fancy CGI animation style and a somewhat altered backstory, things remained pretty similar to how they used to be. The Autobots are still on Earth working with a small group of humans, including kids, to save the world from the evil Decepticons. …

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Daily Toy Review #25: Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living Transformed Thundercats Series 2 4″ 2012 Action Figure (Bandai)

I never thought I’d be writing this, but Mumm-Ra keeps mooning me. Following up my review of the 4″ King Claudus from earlier in the week, I picked up the new transformed version of Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living to review today. I was encouraged by how well Claudus turned out, and I’m likewise impressed with the new Mumm-Ra (for the most part). The only weird thing is that I never realized …

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Daily Toy Review #8: Lifeline G.I. Joe 2012 30th Anniversary Action Figure (Hasbro)

There’s been an ongoing debate among G.I. Joe fans over the years regarding whether rescue trooper Lifeline is a pacifist or not. Apparently Hasbro never meant for Lifeline to be a pacifist, but that’s how he was characterized in the classic cartoon and Marvel comic. Here’s my stance: if Larry Hama said it was so, that’s good enough for me to consider it canon. But in wartime a man’s ethics …

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TOY REVIEW: Thor Ages of Thunder Marvel Universe 2012 Wave 17 Action Figure (Hasbro)

It’s not even 2012 yet, but I’m finishing up my series of the first wave of Marvel Universe 2012 action figures today. Following up my reviews this past week of Psylocke, Modern Iron Fist, Patriot, Shadowland Daredevil and Storm, tonight I’m completing the set with Ages of Thunder Thor (and you can find all my past reviews in the Toy Reviews Index). Ages of Thunder Thor is the obligatory “Big …

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TOY REVIEW: Daredevil Shadowland Marvel Universe 2012 Wave 17 Action Figure (Hasbro)

I’m closing out my 2011 toy reviews with my reviews of the first Marvel Universe wave of 2012! Last week I reviewed Psylocke, Modern Iron Fist, Patriot, and Storm (and you can find all my past reviews in the Toy Reviews Index). Tonight I’m one figure away from completing the set with my review of Shadowland Daredevil. I can honestly say I never read an issue of the “Shadowland” Daredevil …

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TOY REVIEW: Patriot Young Avengers Marvel Universe 2012 Wave 17 Action Figure (Hasbro)

Following up my reviews earlier this week of Psylocke, Modern Iron Fist, and Storm, tonight I’m reviewing Marvel’s Patriot, but you can find all my past reviews in the Toy Reviews Index. If there’s one part of the Marvel Universe that’s severely underrepresented in Hasbro’s 4″ toy line, it’s teenage superheroes. There are literally hundreds of beloved teenage superheroes collectors are dying for, but up until now, the only teenager …

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TOY REVIEW: Storm Marvel Universe 2012 Wave 17 Action Figure (Hasbro)

With today’s review, I’ll be halfway through my reviews of the first Marvel Universe 2012 series, Wave 17! You can see all the past reviews in the Toy Reviews Index. Today I’m covering the first individual release of Storm in the Marvel Universe line, although she’s previously been released with a mohawk in the comic packs and also in the Giant Size X-Men boxset. Storm is one of the perennial …

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