MOTU Classics Lord Dactus Review (Masters of the Universe)

MOTU Classics Lord Dactus Review

Lord Dactus is not a character I have any overwhelming affection for. To be brutally honest, I had to pull out my He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 200x DVD set and watch the episode with him just so I could remember who he was exactly. Even so, at a glance it’s easy to tell that Mattel and the Four Horsemen put a lot of time into making the Lord Dactus figure look exquisite. My MOTU Classics Lord Dactus review would be overwhelming positive, if not for a jarring flaw in the figure that causes it to fall (in more ways than one)…

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MOTU Classics Mantenna Review & Photos

MOTU Classics Mantenna Figure Review

I didn’t have a whole lot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe figures as a kid. Even back then I never really got into the He-Man cartoon nearly as much as I liked the She-Ra Princess of Power cartoon. That said, one vintage MOTU figure I did have was Mantenna. I always felt bad for Hordak’s poor, comedic underling, making him one of the few MOTU vintage figures I had to have. It wasn’t the best figure, but I sure did love it as child. So, of course, there’s no way I’d skip out on the modern, super-articulated MOTU Classics Mantenna…

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