REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ultra Poseable Spider-Man 4″ Action Figure 2012

Electro vs. Spider-Man Ultra Poseable Movie Action Figure 2012 Hasbro

I’d never bought a single Spider-Man movie figure despite the three Spider-Man films that came out over the past decade, but after losing my Marvel movie figures virginity to the Avengers line, I figured I might as well give ol’ Spidey his due as well. I don’t buy wacky, expanded-universe variations of main characters (except that insane Rocket-Firing kid Anakin Skwalker that came out this year), so there was one …

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Daily Toy Review #53: Marvel Universe Daredevil and Bullseye Comic Pack Action Figures Two-Pack

Daredevil and Bullseye Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Pack Action Figures Two

If ever there were figures from the Marvel Universe line that needed redos, it’s Daredevil and Bullseye. Both characters were in the inaugural series of Marvel Universe figures, and both figures were complete crap. They shared the same body with mediocre articulation and awful proportions, and the paints were terrible (especially on Bullseye). We’ve had repaints of both those figures in the line and a cool-looking Shadowland Daredevil, but this …

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Daily Toy Review #52: Marvel Universe Quicksilver and Wonder Man Comic Pack Action Figures Two-Pack

Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers Action Figures Quicksilver Wonder Man Moon Knight Iron Man

My Marvel Universe action figure reviews can be broken into two distinct subsets: the figures that I buy online at a premium and have reviewed days after their first release, and the the figures that I post reviews for after I find them at retail 3 months later. This Quicksilver and Wonder Man Comic Two-Pack is the latter, as it was released back in November and I’ve only finally found …

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Daily Toy Review #45: Modern Thor Marvel Legends Series 1 2012 Action Figure (Hasbro)

Thor Marvel Legends 2012 Modern Action Figure

It’s the penultimate entry in my Marvel Legends Series 1 Reviews, and today I’ve got the only figure in the set without a Build-A-Figure Terrax piece–because he’s as big as the Build-A-Figure all by himself: Modern Thor! A slightly-different “powered-up” special edition of this figure was sold at San Diego Comic Con 2011, but I’m not enough of a Thor fan to need a variant of that nature, so my …

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Hope Summers Marvel Legends Series 1 2012 Action Figure Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Legends Hope Summers Series 1 2012 Hasbro Action Figure

It’s taken nearly two years since Hasbro announced the relaunch of the 6″ Marvel Legends toy line, but the day superhero toy collectors have been yearning for finally arrived in late January. It feels just like the old days to me, because I went out hunting every day for the two weeks after a new Marvel Legends series showed up at retail, found absolutely nothing, and got pissed and bought …

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Daily Toy Review #3: Electro Variant Marvel Universe 2012 Action Figure

Electro Variant Translucent Arms Variant Marvel Universe Action Figure

It’s rare that a toy company can pull off releasing a surprise product, but Hasbro has become pretty adept at doing such in the Marvel Universe line! I was stunned when I first heard about a new previously-undisclosed Electro variant being sighted in stores on the Marvelicious Toys podcast (which is awesome, by the way–all Marvel collectors should check this superb podcast out). This variant is commonly being referred to …

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TOY REVIEW: Iron Fist Modern White Marvel Universe Wave 17 Action Figure (Hasbro)

Last night I began my reviews of Marvel Universe 2012’s first series, Wave 17, with the hotly-anticipated Psylocke. Today I’m moving on to one of my surprise favorite figures of Wave 17–the modern white Iron Fist. It’s hard to believe, but this is already the third Iron Fist figure in the Marvel Universe line, following the original modern version in Wave 2 and Classic Iron Fist in 2011’s comic packs …

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TOY REVIEW: Scarlet Spider Marvel Universe Wave 14 Action Figure (Hasbro)

With the arrival of the new Marvel Universe figures I really want like Psylocke and Storm still a couple weeks away, I figured I’d step back and fill in the archives by reviewing some older currently-released action figures. I started with Ultron yesterday, and you can see all of my other Marvel Universe reviews in the Toy Reviews Index. Today, I’m surprised to say that for the second time this …

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TOY REVIEW: Ultron Marvel Universe Wave 15 Action Figure (Hasbro)

While I wait for Wave 17 of Marvel Universe to arrive with Psylocke and Storm, I figured I’d step back and fill in the archives by reviewing some older currently-released Marvel Universe action figures. First up, it’s Wave 15’s Ultron figure. Ultron was previously released as part of a Secret Wars comic pack with Reed Richards, but this is his first singles release. Ultron is arguably the greatest villain created for …

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TOY REVIEW: Darkhawk Marvel Universe Wave 15 Action Figure (Hasbro)

Following up this weekend’s X-23 Review, I’m continuing my series of Marvel Universe Wave 15 Reviews tonight with Darkhawk! Darkhawk is one of those characters who I thought would never get a Minimate, much less a Hasbro toy, so you’ll have to excuse me while I geek out for the first-ever action figure of Darkhawk. I remember being in a grocery store as a kid in 1991 and picking up …

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