Hot Toys Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order!

Hot Toys Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure MMS262 Close-Up of Head

It took Hot Toys several years more than most fans expected for the second figure in the Hot Toys Star Wars figure line–Han Solo–to finally go up for order. But–! Perhaps as a “make well” present to their fans, Hot Toys is putting their next figure up for order on the same day as Han Solo.

And this isn’t just any Star Wars Hot Toys Sixth Scale figure–it’s the figure that Star Wars sixth scale fans have been begging for for years: the Hot Toys Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure goes up for order this afternoon!

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Hot Toys Batman Alfred Bruce Wayne Armory Photos & Pre-Order!

Hot Toys Alfred Pennyworth with Batman Armory Hot Toys Sixth Scale Set 2014

For years fans of the Christopher Nolan Batman films have been crying out for Hot Toys Alfred and Bruce Wayne 1/6 figures, but I’ve always been unhappily certain that those characters are just too “civilian” for Hot Toys to want to bother with. Apparently, though, I thought wrong! Hot Toys has officially announced their Hot Toys Batman Armory 1/6 piece, and they’re offering two additional configurations of the Armory–including the first-ever Hot Toys Bruce Wayne and Alfred figures! The Hot Toys Batman Alfred, Bruce Wayne and Batman Armory are all now up for pre-order!

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