Hot Toys Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order!

Hot Toys Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure MMS262 Close-Up of Head

It took Hot Toys several years more than most fans expected for the second figure in the Hot Toys Star Wars figure line–Han Solo–to finally go up for order. But–! Perhaps as a “make well” present to their fans, Hot Toys is putting their next figure up for order on the same day as Han Solo.

And this isn’t just any Star Wars Hot Toys Sixth Scale figure–it’s the figure that Star Wars sixth scale fans have been begging for for years: the Hot Toys Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure goes up for order this afternoon!

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Star Wars Black Series 6″ Wave 4 Case: Stormtrooper & Boba Fett!

Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch Figures Wave 4 Clone Trooper Boba Fett Stormtrooper Anakin

The first year of the Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures line has caused a lot of frustration and anxiety for many collectors–to say the least. On paper the one-per-case mix of every character seemed like a great idea, but that didn’t take into account the insatiable appetites of army-builders and the far greater popularity of certain unique characters. After much aggravation and many collectors contemplating giving up, Hasbro has countered by remixing and re-soliciting the Star Wars Black Series Wave 4 case and making it one of the most desirable Star Wars cases ever…

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Star Wars Black Series Wave 4 6″ Figures Photos! Chewbacca!

Star Wars Black Series Chewbacca Figure Packaged Wave 4

The Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Wave 3 6″ figures–headlined by the impossible-to-find Black Series 6″ Stormtrooper action figure–have barely begun to trickle into stores this month, but Hasbro is already staking their claim to your future dollars!

Set to hit stores in spring 2014, it’s the Star Wars Black Series 6″ Wave 4 Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker (ROTS) and AOTC Clone Trooper figures!

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Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Figure Revealed & Photos!

Star Wars 2014 Inquisitor Action Figure Star Wars Rebels

Rumors have been running rampant since New York Comic Con 2013 back in October, but Hasbro is closing out 2013 today by confirming some facts about their 2014 Star Wars Rebels action figure line. At NYCC 2013 we learned about the first new named character in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon–the Imperial Inquisitor–so it’s no big surprise that he’s the first Star Wars Rebels action figure. What’s also not a surprise is the level of articulation that will be built into this Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor figure–although it will disappoint a lot of folks…

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Sideshow Star Wars 1/6 Imperial Probe Droid Photos & Order Info

Sideshow Imperial Probe Droid Sixth Scale Figure 2014

When Sideshow Collectibles first showed off concepts for a Star Wars sixth scale Imperial Probe Droid figure at San Diego Comic Con a few years back, many collectors speculated that it couldn’t be done. They cited that an Imperial Probot 1/6 scale figure would be too big, too expensive, and would be too much of a unique tool to see production. Those collectors were wrong.

Coming in mid-2014, the Sideshow Star Wars 1/6 Probe Droid figure goes up for pre-order this week!

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Star Wars Black Series Sandtrooper 6″ Figure Review

Black Series Star Wars Wave 1 Sandtrooper with Light Repeating Blaster Rifle

Having finally reached the point where Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu actually saw production as a Star Wars 4″ figure, Hasbro has finally deigned to give Star Wars collectors the 6″ Star Wars action figure line that fans have been begging for for the past decade. I bought a whole case of Star Wars The Black Series Wave 1 6″ figures, and where better to begin than with a review of the collecting community’s current darling: the Star Wars Black Series 6″ Sandtrooper figure…

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Sideshow Star Wars Security Battle Droids Up for Order & Photos!

Sideshow Collectibles Security Battle Droids Up for Order

In the collectibles world, sometimes you have to wait a pretty unbearable time to get something after you first see it unveiled. Whether it’s just a few months or the better part of a year, it feels like a lifetime. But sometimes you need to wait even longer, as is the case with many of the upcoming Sideshow Star Wars 1/6 figures. Case in point is the Sideshow Security Battle Droids figures two-pack. It’s taken over two years (no, really–two years), but Sideshow Collectibles has finally put the sometimes-seen Star Wars Security Battle Droids 1/6 Figures up for order!

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Sideshow Star Wars Boba Fett White Prototype Armor Figure Revealed!

Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Boba Fett White Prototype Armor Sixth Scale Figure Teaser

There’s been a lot of lot of griping from Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars collectibles this year. The basis for their complaints? The fact that Sideshow has seemingly given up on giving us new and unique characters in the Sideshow Star Wars 1/6 scale figure line, and is instead now content to just give us an endless parade of clones, repaints, clones, new versions of old characters and more clones. Today, …

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Nikto Skiff Guard Vintage Collection VC99 Star Wars Action Figure Review

Star Wars Vintage Collection Nikto Skiff Guard Action Figure VC99

Unlike some of the characters such as Shae Vizla and Darth Malgus who I received in my new Star Wars Vintage Collection case, I knew who the Nikto Skiff Guard was. I just didn’t care. I’ve bought quite a few skiff guards over the years, and I honestly have no idea why. I don’t own a Skiff, and Jabba’s Sail Barge is a pipedream I don’t think will ever be …

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Oddball Vintage Collection VC97 Star Wars Action Figure Review

Clone Pilot Oddball Pilots a Mini Y-Wing Bomber with Goldie the Astromech Droid

Given that I love me some clones and my wife goes by the moniker of “Oddball” on the Star Wars forums that she frequents, you’d expect that I’d have a real affinity for Clone Pilot Oddball. I don’t. To me, Oddball is a majorly underdeveloped clone, both in the Clone Wars cartoon and Revenge of the Sith. I don’t want Oddball to die or anything, but let’s face it–he’s no …

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