Diamond Select Toys Classic Venom and Modern Venom Figure Reviews

Maybe I’m just stuck in the stone ages, but up until a couple weeks ago I still looked down on the Marvel Select figure line by Diamond Select Toys as being a mediocre toy line. See, when the Marvel Select line started out back in 2002, the figures were pretty “meh”.  So it was, and so I assumed the figures continued to be. But my local Newbury Comics I had …

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Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool Series 3 Review

X-Force Deadpool Marvel Legends Wave 3 In Bubble

I started off my series of Marvel Legends Series 3 with nary a home run, as Mystique was more of a single and Neo-Classic Iron Man was essentially a strike-out. But I still have plenty of hopes for a winning effort, so I’m moving on to one of the favorites from this set, Marvel Legends Wave 3 X-Force Deadpool. We’ve seen this Deadpool figure before–twice–but we’ve never seen him in …

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Marvel Legends Series 3 Neo-Classic Iron Man Review

Marvel Legends Wave 3 Punisher Tells off Neo-Classic Iron Man 2012 Hasbro

I started off my series of Marvel Legends Series 3 reviews yesterday with Mystique, a character who I love but whose figure had some unfortunate shortcomings. Today I’ve got a character I not only love less, but whose toy has far more flaws in it. If there’s one thing you can count on in every series of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, it’s the inclusion of at least one huge, super-headliner AAA …

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Mystique Marvel Legends Series 3 Review

Packaged Marvel Legends Series 3 Mystique Action Figure 2012 Hasbro

When the figure listings came out for Marvel Legends Series 3, I just about crapped myself when I saw Dani Moonstar of the New Mutants on the list. Then I saw the case assortment and learned that each case would have either Dani Moonstar or Mystique in it, and I was immediately certain that (my luck being what it is) I’d draw Mystique in my Marvel Legends Series 3 case …

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Big-Time Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2012 Series 2 Action Figure Review

Marvel Legends Series 2 Big-Time Spider-Man Action Figure 2012 Hasbro

It’s not really a good thing when I have to say that an action figure legitimately looks better in a poorly-lit room than it does in broad daylight. After finding Future Foundation Spider-Man in February and reviewing all of Marvel Legends Series 2, it literally took me nearly half a year to track down the other version of that figure: Marvel Legends Big-Time Spider-Man. I’ve been following Dan Slott’s run …

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Avengers Captain America 6″ Action Figure Movie Studio Series Review

Avengers 6" Captain America Studio Series Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012

I come to the end of my reviews of Hasbro’s 6″ Avengers Marvel Legends styled movie figures today with a review of the character whose design I started belittling the moment I saw it in the trailer: Captain America. In short, the Avengers Captain America costume looked more like a cheap Halloween costume to me than the live-action Captain America that had existed in my mind for many years. After …

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Avengers 6″ Iron Man Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro

Avengers Iron Man Movie 6" Action Figure Studio Series Hasbro 2012

The penultimate entry in my series of Avengers Movie Series 6″ action figures (you can find the reviews of Loki, Hulk, and all the rest in the Toy Reviews Index) is all about a new version of an old toy: the Iron Man Studio Series figure. This Avengers toy will look familiar to astute collectors, as Hasbro has already released it once before. Yes, it’s Iron Man wearing his Mark …

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Avengers 6″ Loki Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro

Loki Avengers 6" Studio Series Action Figure 2012 Hasbro

Having covered most of the Avengers roster itself this past week in my reviews of the Avengers Studio Series Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor 6″ action figures, I’m moving on today to the movie’s dastardly villain: Loki, the God of Mischief. They say the third time’s the charm, but on the second try I already got an amazing Avengers Loki figure. While I was totally unimpressed with the first Loki figure …

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Avengers 6″ Thor Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro

Thor Avengers Figure 6" Movie Studio Series 2012 Hasbro

Coming off the high of the Avengers Studio Series Hulk (who’s one of my favorite figures of the year) and Studio Series Hawkeye (who has some of the most intricate costume sculpting I’ve seen in a while), I come to the Avengers 6″ Studio Series Thor action figure. Thor is another figure shortpacked at one-per-case, but this time it was probably a good decision by Hasbro. The God of Thunder …

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Avengers 6″ Hawkeye Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review Hasbro

Hawkeye Avengers Studio Series Action Figure 6" Hasbro 2012

Following up on my review of the out-of-this-world-awesome Avengers 6″ Studio Series Hulk movie action figure, I want to jump straight to the other all-new movie Avenger’s character in this assortment: Hawkeye. Of all the characters in the Avengers movie, I thought Hawkeye was the only one who really didn’t get a fair shake. Ol’ Clint Barton got to look like a total badass in several action sequences, but his …

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