Star Wars Black Series Wave 4 6″ Figures Photos! Chewbacca!

The Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Wave 3 6″ figures–headlined by the impossible-to-find Black Series 6″ Stormtrooper action figure–have barely begun to trickle into stores this month, but Hasbro is already staking their claim to your future dollars! Set to hit stores in spring 2014, it’s the Star Wars Black Series 6″ Wave 4 Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker (ROTS) and AOTC Clone Trooper figures!

Star Wars Black Series Chewbacca Figure Packaged Wave 4First up, we’ve got the star of this wave of Star Wars 6″ Black Series: Chewbacca! Due to requiring a completely unique mold and being of a taller stature than any figure previously released in the Black Series 6″ line, I never expected that Hasbro would give is a Chewbacca Black Series figure for the same price as a standard figure!

While Chewbacca looks a little wacky in that weird pose (which was necessary to mush him into the Black Series Star Wars packaging), the figure itself looks really nice to me. The sculpting on his furry body is terrific, and the only thing I’m not sure about with this figure is his expression. Black Series Chewbacca has an open-mouthed expression that makes him look a bit too wild and angry for my tastes.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Wave 4 Anakin Skywalker 6 Inch Figure

Next up we’ve got the figure that Hasbro no-doubt considers the main attraction of Wave 4 of the Star Wars Black Series 6″: Anakin Skywalker in his Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) attire. This figure includes a second head, but the packaged prototype only features some messed-up hair and no Sith eyes. I assume we’ll see this change before Black Series Anakin hits stores–otherwise I’ve no idea what the point was of having an alternate head at all.

Of course, while not as compelling as the Star Wars Black Series Chewbacca, the fastest-selling action figure in this wave will likely be the series’ only troop-builder: the 6″ Black Series Clone Trooper. This Attack of the Clones Clone Trooper Black Series figure marks the debut of 6″ Clones to the Star Wars Black Series, and is certainly the first of many (re: many) clones to the Black Series.

The Clone Trooper includes a rifle and blaster. A larger assortment of accessories would have been preferred, but I’m sure we’ll get an expanded clone arsenal as the line continues.

Star Wars Black Series Clone Trooper Figure 6 Inch Wave 4Star Wars The Black Series Wave 4 is expected to be released in May 2014. I’ll post an update with links when the series goes up for order, and you can ‘Like’ Toy Review Daily on Facebook to have news, reviews and updates beamed right to your Facebook Newsfeed.

What do you think of the Star Wars Black Series 4 figures lineup, Star Wars fans? Do these early packaged samples get you hyped up for the upcoming wave, or is this latest set of 6″ Star Wars Black Series action figures not to your liking?

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