Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Figure Revealed & Photos!

Rumors have been running rampant since New York Comic Con 2013 back in October, but Hasbro is closing out 2013 today by confirming some facts about their 2014 Star Wars Rebels action figure line. At NYCC 2013 we learned about the first new named character in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon–the Imperial Inquisitor–so it’s no big surprise that he’s the first Star Wars Rebels action figure. What’s also not a surprise is the level of articulation that will be built into this Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor figure–although it will disappoint a lot of folks…

Star Wars 2014 Inquisitor Action Figure Star Wars Rebels

I loved Star Wars Clone Wars. Loved. That’s sort of a necessity, as my wife spent plenty of hours talking about the cartoon on a podcast, but I would have loved Clone Wars regardless. So it was a dark moment in our lives when Clone Wars was confirmed as cancelled in early 2013–and a bright one when we were in the audience at the 2013 New York Comic-Con to see Lucasfilm unveil information, designs and tidbits about the Star Wars Rebels 2014-debuting “replacement” cartoon series. The high point of the panel was the huge reveal of the Imperial Inquisitor character, who will be hunting down the surviving Jedi who eluded Order 66.

Hasbro themselves didn’t exhibit at NYCC 2013, but they did hold a small press party, from which word got out that the Hasbro Star Wars Rebels action figures were only going to be sporting 5 points of articulation. I was hoping that that information wasn’t necessarily accurate or final, but today the official Star Wars website debuted the Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor 3 3/4″ action figure and confirmed that “the upcoming Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends line features five points of articulation, show-accurate accessories, and is sculpted in the art style of the series.”

Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor FigureFor fans of the superb super-articulated Star Wars Clone Wars toy line, this is a major let-down. The Clone Wars figures were fine toys in and of themselves, and I really don’t feel that a line comprised of figures with just five points of articulation–without even knees, elbows or ankle joints–is going to be able to hold a torch to the past greatness of the Star Wars Clone Wars Hasbro line. Having T-Crotch hips and no ball-joints at all seems ridiculous in this day and age, and I can’t see many kids having fun playing with Star Wars Rebels toys like these.

The first Star Wars Rebels figures (including the Inquisitor) will be released in fall 2014. What do you think of the prototype of the Inquisitor Star Wars Rebels figure, Star Wars fans? Does he look good enough to buy, or will you be staying far, far away from a toy line with figures that only have five points of articulation?


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