Marvel Universe She-Hulk Action Figure Review

Marvel Universe She-Hulk Figure Flexes her MusclesSo after spending 6 weeks packing and another two weeks unpacking from my move from New York to Boston, I finally have an environment conducive to toy reviews. So open the floodgates–I finally can start reviewing the piles of toys that have been sitting around unloved since August!

First up is a figure of my absolute favorite Marvel Comics superheroine: Jennifer Walters, the Sensational She-Hulk!  One of the most prominent Avengers females, fans have been waiting for a 4″ She-Hulk figure since the line’s inception. This Marvel Universe She-Hulk action figure is far from revolutionary or being anything particularly memorable, but it does appease my desire for a modern She-Hulk action figure…

The Right:

Packaged Marvel Universe 2012 She-Hulk FigureThis Marvel Universe She-Hulk figure is all suited up in her modern white/purple attire which she most notably wore within the now-classic Dan Slott “Sensational She-Hulk” comic book series. This is bar-none my favorite She-Hulk costume, and absolutely the one that I would have chosen for the mainstream single-carded She-Hulk release. It’s the She-Hulk version with the best chance of selling well and being recognizable at retail, and a great choice overall.

The execution of this She-Hulk figure is also excellent. I’m surprised and pleased that Hasbro remembered to give Shulkie her dual purple fingerless gloves, and doubly excited that they gave She-Hulk two fists instead of a useless grasping hand. This two-fisted She-Hulk figure is ideally-suited to do what She-Hulk does best: punch shit up. In addition, I think the metallic purple paint used on the She-Hulk costume looks great and very closely matches the way that the costume appeared in the Dan Slot She-Hulk comics run.

Back of Marvel Universe She-Hulk Action FigureI’m also surprised to say that–for the most part–She-Hulk’s articulation is pretty terrific. There have been some pretty inflexible women released in this line over the years, but She-Hulk’s close (but not quite) aces in the articulation department. She’s got a double-jointed neck, ball-jointed upper torso, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed elbows, swivel wrists, ball-jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, and double-jointed ankles–with ankle rockers!! The ankle rockers were a tremendous surprise when I discovered them, as I didn’t have any female figures yet that had them. With 27 points of articulation, She-Hulk is ready to kick some ass!

Unfortunately, kicking is one thing this figure can’t do all that well…

Marvel Universe She-Hulk Puncing out Beta Ray Bill Figures
The Wrong:

She-Hulk Figures Makes Out with Ron WeasleyThere’s a couple things about this She-Hulk Marvel Universe figure that hold it back from being really good. First and foremost, I’m not at all a fan of the hip joints on this figure. They’re ball-jointed–sort of–but the articulation is so heavily restricted that her legs really don’t have any side-to-side movement. If you really want you can twist her swivel thighs to sort of “fake” a side kick, but it looks rather ridiculous. It takes a lot of fun out of the double-jointed knees and ankle rockers when terrible hip articulation heavily inhibits what She-Hulk can be posed doing.

Second, for a woman who’s slept with half the heroes (and some of the villains) in the Marvel Universe, you would just think She-Hulk would be a little bit less dog-faced. She’s certainly not the worst-looking female released in the Marvel Universe line, but I’d still like to see Hasbro improve their feminine facial sculpts.

She-Hulk Marvel Universe Figure in Bubble with Collectible Comic ShotFinally, in this day and age, a 4″ Marvel Universe action figure will cost you 10 bucks. For that amount, I’d like to see something–anything (except for a “Collectible Comic Shot”)–come with She-Hulk as an accessory. I know she’s a brawler and has no grasping hands, which is a limitation, but I feel like Hasbro could have come up with at least something little like a stand to give She-Hulk to make her a slightly better value.

Marvel Universe She-Hulk Action Figure by Hasbro 2012Overall: It’s been a long wait for She-Hulk fans to get their first Marvel Universe She-Hulk figure, but I’m glad Hasbro is giving her to us now instead of years ago on an inferior mold. The deco and design of this figure are both outstanding, and the articulation built into Shulkie is exceptional. The lack of good hip joints is a major annoyance, as is the less-than-lovely face She-Hulk is sporting, and they do bring down my overall feelings toward this figure. Even so, this is easily the best female Marvel Universe figure that I’ve ever owned, and one of my favorite She-Hulk toys ever. If you’re building an Avengers roster or just a Hulk fan, Marvel Universe She-Hulk earns a solid recommendation.



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  1. Solid review, Dabid — though I think the face is quite pretty myself. A bit stern, perhaps, but not at all doglike. Shame about the restricted legs.

    Anyway, glad to have you back!