Marvel Legends Dr. Doom Series 3 Review

Some how, some way, my favorite figures in Marvel Legends Wave 3 are both simple repaints of old molds. Last week I reviewed X-Force Deadpool, who is a stellar figure with just a couple of small flaws despite being a total repaint. Today I have Marvel Legends Series 3 Dr. Doom, who is also just a repaint, but is still just as good or better than Deadpool. This figure was first released in the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four line years ago, but for new collectors or ones who skipped Dr. Doom the first time around, this figure just may be a must-have…

The Right:

This is going to sound like a strange place to begin, but I love–love–the holster on this Dr. Doom figure. I’m usually grateful just to get a holster that works even halfway decent, but this one goes far beyond the call of duty. The brown plastic used for the holster has an intricate texture pattern on it that really makes it look like leather, and there’s a strap that fits into a slot to pull the holster closed with or without the pistol inside. This works wonderfully and just looks awesome. This really might be the best holster I’ve ever seen on an action figure in this scale.

While the holster is surprisingly my favorite aspect of this figure, the rest of Dr. Doom is almost as good. Dr. Doom has a removable mask face plate, revealing the pretty grotesquely damaged flesh and blood face of Victor Von Doom underneath. I’m never going to display my Doom like this, but I really like that the option is there. Also, there are slits in the mask so you can see Doom’s eyes through it. The three-dimensional look of this is really appealing, and adds a touch of realism to this figure’s appearance.

My biggest beef with the Neo-Classic Iron Man in this Marvel Legends set by Hasbro was that he looked far too small and out of scale. Dr. Doom doesn’t have this problem at all–Doom is large and in charge, and his armor has a bulk to it that makes Doom look truly formidable and well-protected.

Dr. Doom’s articulation is nowhere near as elaborate as what we’ve seen on Marvel Legends 2012 figures like Dark Wolverine, but Dr. Doom is one of those characters who can legitimately get by without excessive amounts of flexibility. Unless you’re planning to make Dr. Doom go Kung Fu on Mr. Fantastic’s ass, it’s unlikely you’re going to be disappointed in the articulation of this figure. Marvel Legends Wave 3 Dr. Doom has a ball-hinge neck, ball-hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel forearms, ball-jointed upper torso, swivel waist, hinge knees, and ball-hinge ankles. All of the necessary POA are there, and I just don’t see Doom as a character needing double-jointed knees or what-not.

One thing that really jumps out at me about the articulation scheme on Marvel Legends Series 3 Dr. Doom is that he has both a ball-jointed upper torso and a swivel waist. It’s not a combination we see very often from Hasbro in this line, but the joints work terrific together and I sure wish Hasbro would implement this articulation combination in more of their figures.

Dr. Doom includes three accessories: his aforementioned removable mask and pistol, along with a figure stand. Doom can be rather back-heavy with the cape on, so the figure stand turns out to be pretty useful (though I’d always rather not need it). Doom’s right hand has been perfectly designed to hold the pistol, including a trigger finger that fits right over the pistol’s trigger. There aren’t a ton of add-ons with Doom, but all the ones that are included are worthwhile and add to the figure.

The Wrong:

There are a couple disappointments with the 2012 Marvel Legends Wave 3 Dr. Doom. First off, the original release of this figure a couple years ago came with a pistol that had some really well-done and realistic paint applications on it. This time out, well… the gun is molded in black and totally unpainted. It’s a small thing, but I hate seeing Marvel Legends take a step backward instead of forward for no particular reason (and at a higher cost).

Also, as good as it looks aesthetically, Doom’s plastic cape is large and cumbersome enough that it can really throw off Doom’s balance and make him topple over. I think improved ankle articulation (ankle rockers) could have really helped this figure out in the stability department.

The other main “Wrong” with Dr. Doom is that we’re getting a figure that’s years old for nearly double the original price. If Hasbro had thrown in a Build-A-Figure part or modded Doom to give him ankle rockers or given him some new accessories or anything I wouldn’t feel so gypped, but we’re actually getting less with this figure than the original release (Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Dr. Doom came with a Ronan the Accuser Build-A-Figure part).

“Where Can I Buy It!?”
Dr. Doom was initially solicited as being two-per-case in Hasbro Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 3, but that was revised to Deadpool getting the two-per-case treatment and there only being one Doom in the case (a wise move, if you ask me). I haven’t heard of Marvel Legends Wave 3 being found at any big chain stores as of writing, but Doom is available right now from BigBadToyStore and a ton of different Amazon sellers.

Overall: In my opinion, this is probably the best Dr. Doom action figure ever made. There are small improvements that can be made to it such as improved ankle joints and a painted gun, but for the most part, this is the definitive Dr. Doom action figure. From his removable mask to his incredible holster to the sheer visual coolness of this figure, Marvel Legends Series 3 Dr. Doom is phenomenal. Now I just gotta find me a white Future Foundation Dr. Doom to drop another 18 bucks on.



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