Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool Series 3 Review

I started off my series of Marvel Legends Series 3 with nary a home run, as Mystique was more of a single and Neo-Classic Iron Man was essentially a strike-out. But I still have plenty of hopes for a winning effort, so I’m moving on to one of the favorites from this set, Marvel Legends Wave 3 X-Force Deadpool.

We’ve seen this Deadpool figure before–twice–but we’ve never seen him in grey! Hailing from one of Marvel’s current most popular comic books (Uncanny X-Force), X-Force Deadpool is a crucial member of the lineup. And with Fantomex from Wave 2 and the SDCC X-Force gift set, he’s also the last member we needed to complete the team! The figure mold is a couple years old, and while it’s not grand slam, it’s at least a double (if not a triple)…

The Right:

Though this is the third Deadpool figure Hasbro has produced, it will be the first that many fans are actually able to find at retail. Whereas the first two Marvel Legends Deadpool figures by Hasbro were difficult to find Toys R Us store exclusives, X-Force Deadpool is heading to mass retail. Not only that, but Hasbro also finally wished up and is heavy-packing Deadpool at two-per-case, so he’ll be 25% of all figures released in Marvel Legends Wave 3! I’m still more than skeptical about Neo-Classic Iron Man’s chances of selling out at retail, but I have no doubt Deadpool will be a huge seller. Great call, Hasbro.

Seeing as how this is a costume-specific variant, the one thing that Hasbro absolutely had to do for this Deadpool to be a success was get the colors of the costume precisely right. And they did. The greys are all right where they should be, the colors are a good match for inks in the Uncanny X-Force comics, and Hasbro even remembered to give Deadpool his “evil” red eyes. Everything looks just as it should on this figure, paint-wise. And speaking of eyes…

My favorite little detail about this figure is that the Deadpool head icon on Deadpool’s belt buckle isn’t the comical, happy-eyed Deadpool head we all know and love. No, this is the angry eyes, “I mean business and business means killing” Deadpool head icon. It’s only a minor variation from the regular Deadpool icon, but it makes a whole world of difference in making this feel like the more hardcore, serious X-Force Deadpool. I’m aware that the harness has always had this icon on it and it hasn’t been changed, but I like it more here than I did in its prior releases.

And Deadpool is more than ready to be dead-ly with the copious amount of articulation he has built into him. He has a ball-jointed head on a hinge neck, upper torso an crunch, swivel waist, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinge elbows, ball-hinge wrists, ball-hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinge knees, and ball-hinge ankles. That’s 32 points of articulation–a number that’s very hard to find outside of the Marvel Legends line! If this figure was developed today it’d probably have a ball-jointed upper torso and ankle rockers, but I can live without the ball-jointed upper torso. The ankle rockers… I’ll complain about momentarily.

X-Force Deadpool Marvel Legends Wave 3 In BubbleMarvel Legends Series 3 Deadpool comes with a respectable amount of accessories: five, in total. X-Force Deadpool includes two katanas, a rifle, a pistol, and the same figure stand all of the other Wave 3 figures come with. Deadpool is a paid killer, and I think this is a suitable enough mercenary arsenal for him to work with. X-Force Deadpool has a holster for his pistol and can sheathe both swords on his back, so the only gun you really need to worry about losing is the rifle. The swords also have paint apps on them, as the blades are silver and the hilts are black with little silver diamonds adorning them–it’s a nice detail that really make them feel authentic (or as authentic as 2″ plastic swords can be).

The Wrong:

I like this Deadpool quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things about it that annoy the hell out of me. The primary culprit here is Deadpool’s lack of ability to wield his swords. Deadpool has two swords? Awesome. He can store both in the sheathe on his back? Even better. He can’t hold the swords properly with either hand? UGH.

Deadpool’s right hand has been sculpted so that it perfectly grasps his pistol, but the grip is far too specialized to hold the sword at all. You can force him to grab it between his fingers, but it looks pretty wild and silly doing so. His left hand looks like it should be able to properly hold hold a sword, but for some reason his grip is a lot wider than the sword’s hilt, and so he can only hold the sword loosely and it’s always in danger of falling out. Considering how important swords are to Deadpool’s posing potential, I’m rather shocked that this got past Hasbro.

Also, despite all of the ubiquitous articulation, I can’t get Deadpool into ninja-esque kneeling, crouching, and kicking poses that look absolutely perfect. Why? Because this Deadpool mold has no ankle rockers. Since this figure is little more than a repaint, I really think Hasbro could have afforded to retool the ankles on Deadpool so he could actually utilize all of the rest of his articulation to its fullest.

“Where Can I Buy It!?”

2012 Marvel Legends Wave 3 just started hitting online retailers and specialty stores in the last couple weeks. Deadpool is packed at two-per-case, but he’s also likely the most popular figure in the set, so he may prove difficult to find. Deadpool is currently available for order from BigBadToyStore and a pretty large number of other online sellers on Amazon.

Overall: Marvel Legends Series 3 X-Force Deadpool is an overall very strong entry in the 2012 line, but he does falter in a few areas. He has a ton of articulation and can come close to doing whatever poses you want, though it can be somewhat difficult to get him to stand stably due to the lack of ankle rockers. Luckily, he does include a stand, but I much prefer my figures to be freestanding. The paintwork is ideal and he’s definitely properly colored to be X-Force Deadpool. In addition, his “serious” belt buckle rocks this time out. X-Force Deadpool comes with a nice variety of weapons, but it really hurts that his hands just aren’t sculpted properly to utilize his swords. Overall, Deadpool is a good repaint and a necessary addition to the X-Force roster that only stumbles slightly in his execution. Recommended.



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  1. awesome website. thanks for the deadpool review. i received one as a bait and switch tactic by an amazon seller. its the first of this new body type i got at a decent price. i got it because i was sitting on the fence, but your review helped out. much thanks!

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