My Little Pony Blind Bags Series 2 Review Part 1 Boy Ponies (Hasbro)

Big Macintosh My Little Pony Blind Bags Series 2 Figure 2012 HasbroEarlier today I posted the official Code Number List for My Little Pony Blind Bags Series 2, and I wanted to start reviewing the series tonight with the fragment of the series nearest and dearest to my heart: the boy ponies.

I’m a boy who likes My Little Pony, and thus I like boy My Little Pony toys. Hasbro’s My Little Pony G4 toy line has not been kind to boy pony fans in the first year and a half of the line’s existence, as 100% of all characters and toys released in that time frame have been female… until now.

It took Hasbro long enough, but they’ve finally immortalized the most prominent My Little Pony Friendship is Magic male, Big MacIntosh (or “Big Mac”), in the plastic form! And what’s more, he’s brought 3 of his fellow guy buddies along for the ride. If you’re a My Little Pony fan, do these boys belong in your collection? Here’s a hint: Yes, they do…

The Right:


Not only is Hasbro giving us the much-requested fan-favorite, Big MacIntosh, but three more male ponies in the same assortment. The Hasbro Gods truly shine down upon Bronys with this series. Each male pony uses an all-new male pony mold created for this series and includes a collector’s card with a short (and I mean short) bio and some original card art of the pony. In this series, the four boy ponies we get are:

My Little Pony Big Macintosh and Noteworthy Toys Front with CardsBig MacIntosh: By default Big MacIntosh is the best and guaranteed most-wanted pony in this entire series. The taciturn older brother of Applejack and Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh appears in most episodes of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cartoon and has been hotly-demanded in toy form since the earliest episodes of the cartoon aired. The bio card saying Big Mac is “very gentle and wise” seems a little out-of-character, but the bright red skin and orange hair on the toy is right on-target.

Noteworthy: I saw his name on the box and was immediately excited, thinking Noteworthy would have a notebook cutie mark and be a writer or journalist. He doesn’t and he’s not. Noteworthy’s cutie mark is a few music notes, and his bio that he’s “very helpful and remember everything”. So I guess he can remember all of the sheet music to play a variety of songs? I really have no idea. But he’s our first blue boy pony, and his light blue skin and dark blue hair look terrific together.Visually, he’s my favorite of the first four boy ponies.

My Little Pony Goldengrape and Meadow Song Toys Front with CardsGoldengrape: A yellow pony with purple hair and two bundles of green grapes for a cutie mark, according to Goldengrape’s bio, he “loves telling and hearing jokes”. Uh, who doesn’t? I can’t remember ever seeing the yellow/purple color combination on a boy pony before, and combined with the green grapes, he reminds me a little of Ninja Turtle Donatello for some reason (don’t ask me). His bio is pretty weak, but he’s another good-looking pony.

Meadow Song: The final one of the four boy ponies in blind bags series 2, Meadow Song is dark brown with blonde hair. It’s very unusual to get a brown My Little Pony, but it feels right on a masculine male pony like Meadow Song. The only personality Meadow Song gets is that he’s “so musical and friendly”, but that’s more personality than the other two non-show males got. I get a real country bumpkin vibe from Meadow Song, and that’s fine by me. His color scheme and guitar cutie mark give him more built-in personality than either of the other two made-up boy ponies in this assortment.

The other thing I love about these blind-bag ponies is the value: for less than 10 bucks, you can add all four male ponies to your collection. These are some of the cheapest blind-bag collectibles on the market, and they’re also among my very favorite. If you don’t know the codes on the back of the packages and you want to pull the boy ponies, please refer to my My Little Pony Blind Bags Series 2 Code Number List.

My Little Pony Big Macintosh and Noteworthy Toys Back with CardsThe Wrong:

We get our first four boy ponies in this set, and two have music-related cutie marks and two have food-related cutie marks. Apparently, the only things guys like in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic world are music and food. (Actually, that doesn’t seem that far removed from human males. Heh.)

But I digress–The sheer number of girl ponies with food-related cutie marks irritates the crap out of me. I feel like half the ponies in Equestria should be obese with all of the cake and ice cream cutie marks running around. Big McIntosh and Goldengrape are at least fruit-related characters instead of sweets, but I would really like to see some more interesting cutie marks for boy ponies. How about animal-related or hobby-related cutie marks like Baby Waddles and Baby Countdown had in G1? Rockets, penguins, dinosaurs… there’s no many things we could have had instead of food. Oh well, maybe in a future series.

My Little Pony Goldengrape and Meadow Song Toys Back with CardsIn addition that my cutie mark/personality-based gripes, there’s also some quality control issues with the My Little Pony Series 2 Blind Bags. The male ponies thankfully are mostly much better than the females from the series (more on that in part II of these reviews), but Meadow Song has some severe yellow paint bleed and stray marks on his reverse side. It doesn’t inhibit my enjoyment of these ponies, as mine came out pretty well, but beware bad paint applications on the ones that you pull yourselves.

My Little Pony Boy Ponies Goldengrape Noteworthy and Meadow SongOverall: I may gripe a little bit about these, but that’s only because I’m so passionate about boys in My Little Pony. For about $2 for each plastic figure, these are still a fantastic value and I’m very glad to have them to start of my male stable of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic toys. I’d like to see a diversification of cutie marks, as those are the only personalities the non-show ponies get, but the selection here isn’t bad at all. We get a varying range of color schemes and an integral show character in Big McIntosh. The quality control on the paint of the boy ponies could be improved, but for the most part, this quartet goes a long way in satiating my starvation for more product for male My Little Pony fans.



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