Marvel Minimates New Mutants Mirage & Magma Figures Review

Marvel Minimates Magma & Dani Moonstar Figures 2012 Diamond Select ToysCall me ungrateful, but literally the moment I had the New Mutants Minimates four-pack and Warlock/Magik two-pack in my hands, I started bugging the shit out of Diamond Select Toys to complete the New Mutants team with Dani Moonstar & Magma Minimates. I genuinely didn’t have a lot of hope for getting the last two of the “main” New Mutants (we still don’t have Songbird to complete the Thunderbolts), but Diamond Select put a smile on my face and a song in my heart when I saw the debuting Dani Moonstar (Mirage) and Magma Minimates at New York Comic Con 2011. I knew it’d be a long wait to summer 2012 to get my hands on this team-completing pair, but somehow I managed to forget the set was coming out at all until I saw it at Toys R Us this weekend. I must be losing my touch. Luckily, Diamond Select Toys isn’t–these New Mutants Minimates are pure awesome

The Right:

Let’s jump right to the sweetest part of these figures: the accessories. This is what is really setting Diamond Select Toys’ Minimates apart from every other Marvel figure line being released today: plentiful character-specific accessories. I was a little harsh on the Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy & Dr. Connors set because it included few accessories and was a bit of a boring pairing. The New Mutants Dani Moonstar (Mirage) and Magma two-pack could not possibly be any farther from that.

Marvel Minimates Mirage and Magma In Bubble New Mutants Two-Pack 2012Minimates New Mutants Dani Moonstar with Valkyrie SpearThe Minimates Dani Moonstar figure includes everything you could ever ask for for her. Mirage is one of the New Mutants with a non-offensive power (projecting what you fear most into your mind), meaning that she often relies upon weapons for physical combat. She includes her trademark bow, and it even has the awesome clip on it that the Avengers Hawkeye Minimates figure had, enabling you to attach an arrow to it if you so choose! In addition, the Minimates Mirage includes a spear, one of Dani Moonstar’s trademark accessories from her days as an Asgardian Valkyrie.

But that’s not all! Art Asylum didn’t stop at giving Dani Moonstar a plethora of weapons. They also gave her a sort of alternate costume. Want Mirage wearing her red “X” belt like all the other New Mutants Minimates? That’s included. But what if you want her wearing her Native American-inspired woven blue belt? Well, that’s here too. You can easily disassemble Mirage and swap the belts. This is the kind of accessory and attention to detail that no other toy company would execute, and I am so grateful to Diamond Select for it.

Marvel Minimates Mirage New Mutants Figure Back 2012I have to be careful not to let my infatuation with this set’s accessories let me overlook the figures themselves, though. While Hasbro set their sights on releasing the first-ever figure of her with this fall’s Dani Moonstar Marvel Legends figure, Diamond Select beat them to the punch with this Minimates Dani Moonstar. Dani is sculpted to have her beautiful braided hair that she wore throughout her New Mutants days, and has a confident, leader-like smile painted onto her face. Unlike any of the other New Mutants Minimates, Mirage has brown boots instead of yellow. This is to represent her brown Cherokee boots she wore proudly while a member of the New Mutants team.The booties even have little tassels painted on the sides of them. So cute!

The other figure in this two-pack is the Magma Minimates figure. Magma is a character who has traditionally been my least-favorite New Mutants (despite being potentially the most powerful), as her back story is ridiculously convoluted (to say the least). Luckily, I’ve recently started to warm up to Magma (I genuinely don’t mean that as a pun) due to her recent characterization in Abnett & Lanning’s “New Mutants” series, where Magma is romantically involved with Mephisto (no, really).

Marvel Minimates Magma New Mutants Figure Front 2012The Minimates Sunspot is one of my least-favorite Minimates ever, so I had concerns that Magma would look similar to him. Those fears were unfounded–though Magma is likewise translucent, she looks absolutely terrific. Magma is molded in translucent yellow, with red-orange highlights painted on the outside of the plastic. The effect is that Magma really does look like living lava energy, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Some people may gripe that they’d have preferred an opaque paint scheme on Magma, but I think the visual of the translucence is a lot more compelling than that would have been. Also, I think the hair attachment on Magma looks ideal, even though it looked terrible on the poor Sunspot figure from the NYCC New Mutants Minimates Boxed Set.

The Magma figure includes three accessories of her own: two translucent yellow “energy” attachments for her first, and an incredible figure stand. The stand is more than a Minimate tall, and is sculpted to simulate a tower of erupting lava! With Magma on the lava stand, she can tower over all of the other New Mutants Minimates (even Cannonball), and this works phenomenally for displaying the whole team together.

Mephisto and Magma Minimates Figures Getting Ready to Make Out
The Wrong:

Given the copious amount of accessories that Diamond Select has bequeathed us with in this two-pack, dare I complain that there’s no human Amara head for Magma? No, I dare not.

Packaged Marvel Minimates Mirage and Magma New Mutants Two-Pack 2012
“Where Can I Buy It?!”

The New Mutants Mirage & Magma two-pack is a Toys R Us exclusive, so that’s your best bet for this set. If you don’t have a local Toys R Us or yours is sold out, a number of online stores have the Dani Moonstar/Magma set in-stock right now, or you can always roll the dice and try to win the set in an auction for a good price.

Marvel Minimates New Mutants Figures Complete Team Lineup
Finally–finally–I have a complete team of New Mutants figures. I always knew that if such a feat was going to be accomplished, it would be done by Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum, and they have not let me down. Mirage and Magma are both absolutely perfect–packed with detail and personality and superb accessories. The huge tower of lava stand that Magma comes with and even something as simple as Dani Moonstar’s alternate belt make this set feel really special and lovingly crafted. I’m indelibly biased toward New Mutants merchandise, no doubt, but I can say without reservation that regardless of that I would still be giving this Marvel Minimates New Mutants Mirage & Magma figures two-pack a well-deserved perfect score and highest-possible recommendation.


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