San Diego Comic Con 2012 Gentle Giant Ltd. Exclusives Thoughts (SDCC)

Gentle Giant Ltd SDCC 2012 Exclusives San Diego Comic ConGentle Giant Ltd. has been unveiling their long-awaited San Diego Comic Con 2012 list of exclusives all week long, and at long last they’ve debuted them all! Here are my thoughts on the lineup:

Star Wars Admiral Motti Mini Bust: Hasbro Star Wars figure collectors have been waiting for along time for a truly great Admiral Motti figure to come around (we have a not-great one already), but Gentle Giant has beaten Hasbro to the punch for a change and produced this great-looking Admiral Motti Mini Bust. Mini Busts are a big investment and I don’t have room for everything. Case in point, this Admiral Motti. He’s not for me–really, he’s not. But I can respect that he’s an interesting choice for a con exclusive, and I think it’s possible (but not likely) that Gentle Giant will sell 1200 of these at the con. For $80, I’d rather spent my money on something else, but Admiral Motti does have a mini-cult following and a lot of fans have been looking forward to him quite a bit. He looks terrific if you’re into choking Imperial Admirals, and will make a great Darth Vader Mini Bust companion.

Star Wars McQuarrie Stormtrooper Concept Deluxe Mini Bust: Everyone was expecting this mini bust to be part of Gentle Giant’s SDCC 2012 offerings, and they were right. Seeing as how the past McQuarrie Concept Mini Busts have also been SDCC exclusives, it seems only natural that the lightsaber-wielding Stormtrooper be one as well. At 1800 of these and $85… I strongly doubt that Gentle Giant can sell them all at the con. Should be plenty left for Premium Guild Members and probably even the general public. Good exclusive, and a worthwhile addition to the growing McQuarrie Concept line of Mini Busts.

Star Wars 12″ Jumbo Kenner Blue Snaggletooth Figure: I was completely stunned to see the coveted Blue Snaggletooth 12″ as a SDCC Exclusive. Oh, we all knew it was going to be an exclusive, but everyone–everyone–assumed it would be exclusive to Star Wars Celebration VI in August. Are there really going to be 2,000 collectors at San Diego Comic Con willing to drop 80 bucks on a niche item like this and then have to lug it all the way home? At Star Wars Celebration, home of the most die-hard Star Wars fans, maybe. San Diego Comic Con, though? I don’t think so. I have the Hasbro modern 4″ blue Snaggletooth tribute, and that’s good enough for me. I have a confident hunch that’ll be good enough for many other collectors as well. There are going to be 12″ Jumbo Kenner Blue Snaggletooths galore leftover after the con, guaranteed.

Marvel Blade II Blu-Ray with Reaper Mini Bust: Of all the things in the world fans were hoping for as a San Diego Comic Con Marvel Comics exclusive, a $100 Blu-Ray of Blade II with a Reaper Mini Bust had to be near the absolute bottom of the list. In fact, it didn’t even make the list. Gentle Giant is wise to only make 500 of these sets, but I’m not sure they can sell 500 of them, to be perfectly frank. The Reaper Mini Bust looks well-done, but I don’t think that character is in my top 10,000 most-wanted characters as a mini-bust, and I’m not exaggerating. Unless Blade II has a massive following I’m not aware of, this set is really baffling to me.

Marvel Thanos Mini Bust: Wait, what? Thanos is a limited-edition of 500? Really?! This is by far, by far the most appealing item that Gentle Giant has shown for the convention, so I feel that they’re really underestimating the demand for this exquisite Thanos Mini Bust. I’m a huge advocate for the great work that Bowen Designs does, but the two Thanos Mini Busts they’ve released in the past simply don’t compare to the work of art this Gentle Giant Thanos is. I own exactly one Gentle Giant Marvel Mini Bust–and it’s a squirrel wearing a Deadpool mask–but this Thanos is a must-have. If I’m able to get it, I want it. If not, I may have to go after Thanos on the aftermarket myself. Wonderful choice.

Pan’s Labyrinth Pale Man Statue:
Statues always strike me as a weird con exclusive item to have to send home, and this is no exception. I’m not a Pan’s Labyrinth guy (at all), so this doesn’t appeal to me. It looks good enough and has a fairly low edition size, but this strikes me as an oddity for a con exclusive. Surely Gentle Giant could have moved 300 pieces of this item to their fans worldwide through their website and online retailers, without forcing fans to haul a monster statue back from San Diego? This is a strange–albeit great-looking–exclusive, and I think it’s likely we’ll see leftovers available for all fans after the con.

Mars Attacks Mini Bust:
I’d really like to know who at Gentle Giant thought it would be a good idea to produce more Mars Attacks Mini Busts than Thanos Mini Busts. Seriously. For what it is, though, this Mars Attacks Mini Bust looks phenomenal. Are there 550 Mars Attacks fans out there willing to drop $75 on a Mini Bust of a martian from Mars Attack? I’m not sure. But this is a terrific item overall and really one of the nicest Mars Attacks items I’ve ever seen. I’m not a fan of the property and won’t be buying this, but it should make Mars Attacks fans very happy.

Overall: As a whole this is an interesting if not overwhelmingly impressive batch of San Diego Comic Con exclusives for Gentle Giant Ltd. The only item that really screams out to me as a buy-on-sight necessity is the Marvel Thanos Mini Bust, which I feel they’re highly underestimating. With the exception of Thanos, I don’t see anything in this lineup that’s going to be a majorly in-demand item at the convention and that won’t turn up online afterwards. If you want Thanos I suggest lining up for the Gentle Giant booth early, but other than him I see no problem whatsoever acquiring any of these pieces after the show.

You can check out all of the Gentle Giant SDCC 2012 Exclusives with more photos and details (as well as pre-order information for Premium Guild Members) over on the official Gentle Giant Ltd. blog.


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  1. Hey there! I’m Greg, Marketing Coordinator for Gentle Giant Ltd., and I found your entry here via Google and I just thought I’d pop on here to demystify some of the choices behind our SDCC Exclusives this year for you. :)

    First and foremost, Motti, Blue Snags and the McQuarrie Stormtrooper are Convention Exclusives, not SDCC exclusives, meaning we’ll have them at CVI next month as well as SDCC.

    We created the deluxe Reaper mini bust pack-in for the Blade II Blu-Ray DVD and New Line wanted us to host a DVD signing at our booth with director Guillermo Del Toro, so we made the DVDs available at our booth for fan convenience. We’d worked with Guillermo before on Pan’s Labyrinth, and we’d been waiting for the right time to release the Pale Man Statue, so the signing made it a natural fit. :)

    We typically do edition sizes of 500 for convention exclusives, but we did the extra 50 Mini Busts in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Mars Attacks. Glad we did, because both the Mars Attacks and Thanos busts have sold out.

    Anyhow, hope that answers some of your questions! =D