Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy & Dr. Connors Figures Minimates Review

Packaged Gwen Stacy & Dr. Curt Connors Minimates Amazing Spider-Man 2012
Gwen Stacy was the true love of Peter Parker’s life, and Mary Jane was just some loser Peter had to settle for after Gwen’s tragic death. There. I said it. I’m sure that I’ve just raised the ire of thousands of Mary Jane fans everywhere, but I never loved MJ like I did Gwen (and I don’t think Peter Parker did either). I solidly support the Peter/Gwen romance, even decades after Gwen’s death. If I sound a little fanatical about the issue, that’s because I am. So it should come as no surprise that all Diamond Select Toys needed to do to sell me some Amazing Spider-Man Minimates was to put out a pairing of Gwen Stacy with anybody. And they did (the part of ‘anybody’ is being played by Dr. Curt Connors). I immediately hunted down the new Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy & Dr. Curt Connors Minimates figures set–should you?

The Right:

Front No Coat Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy Minimates FigureIn the past, Diamond Select Toys hasn’t always been able to complete the lineups of their Marvel movies Minimates collections (no Banshee, Angel, or Darwin for X-Men: First Class made me a sad camper). For this summer’s Amazing Spider-Man movie Minimates line, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a problem. You want the other half of Peter Parker’s OTP (look it up), Gwen Stacy? Here she is. Want a non Lizarded-out version of Dr. Connors? He’s all yours. With Aunt May and Uncle Ben going to comic book stores, this is looking like a complete collection all in one shot. Good job, Diamond Select!

Gwen Stacy was the selling-point of this set for me, so I’ll discuss her first. It’s very tough to capture beauty in the Minimates style, but I think Diamond Select Toys did an admirable job of portraying some of Gwen’s charm. She comes packaged in her blue winter coat with lavender scarf and blue mittens, and with her hair back in a ponytail. I like the winter clothes, because they add a lot of color to what could otherwise be a very visually-uninteresting figure. My favorite characteristic of the figure is astonishingly her long stockings, which look super-cute continuing up past her boots.

Side of Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy Minimates FigureFor less winter-minded fun, Gwen’s coat is removable and she has alternate coat-less arms and alternate long, flowing hair. This Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy is about as close to a hottie as you can get in the Minimates universe, so I think Diamond Select has accomplished their goal with this figure.

The Dr. Curt Connors Minimates figure is, well, a middle-aged guy in a lab coat. We’ve seen the coat used on Minimates again and again (in fact, it was on the Avengers Nick Fury Minimate I reviewed last month), but it works perfectly molded in white as a lab coat, so I can’t complain at all. The one distinguishing feature of the Dr. Connors figure is his right arm, which consists of a stub with the coat sleeve tied off. I would never say something like that was “cute”, but it’s a lot less gruesome in the Minimates style. Also, the little “Oscorp” logo printed on Connors’ lab coat is a fun detail.

Back No Coat Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy Minimates FigureQuality-control on both the Gwen Stacy and Dr. Connors Minimates is solid. Both figures can stand stably with or without their coats on, and like all Minimates these are constructed such that it’s virtually impossible to break them. The paint applications on Gwen have been carefully-applied, although Dr. Connors has very obvious missing paint on his tie and some splotches of black on his white lab coat. With the exception of that, the quality of these figures is the usual Minimates high standard.

In Bubble Gwen Stacy & Dr. Curt Connors Minimates Amazing Spider-Man 2012
The Wrong:

This is not the twosome I would have chosen. At all. Sticking a boring civilian scientist with a kickass awesome civilian girl just isn’t the most enticing pairing of action figures I could have imagined. To put it simply, the figures in this set are boring.

Cardback Gwen Stacy & Dr. Curt Connors Minimates Amazing Spider-Man 2012Amazing Spider-Man Minimates Side of Dr. Curt Connors Figure 2012Generally, Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum is able to spice sets up by including some uber-cool accessories that really bring the figures to life and make them shine, but that simply does not happen here. Some Lizard-transformation accessories for the Dr. Curt Connors figure such as a partially-transformed head or an alternate lizard arm would have gone a long way in increasing the amusement factor of this set, but we get nothing–not even some lab equipment. In fact, Connors doesn’t even include alternate arms, so his arms look totally mismatched if you try to take the lab coat off.

Gwen comes with alternate hair and alternate arms without jacket sleeves, but getting Gwen into fashion doesn’t exactly scream adventure to me. I haven’t seen the Amazing Spider-Man movie yet (obviously), but I’m certain there’s something–anything–character-specific that could have been added to Gwen to give the figure a bit more oomph.

Gwen Stacy & Dr. Curt Connors Minimates Amazing Spider-Man Movie 2012Marvel Universe Green Goblin Kidnaps Gwen Stacy Minimates FigureOverall: I love Gwen Stacy–love her–and was going to buy this set for the Gwen Stacy figure regardless of the execution. But I have to admit–this set is pretty damn boring in spite of including a “hot” Gwen Stacy. The Dr. Curt Connors figure is a civilian guy in a lab coat with no accessories or play value of any kind, while Gwen Stacy comes with a removable coat and the option to style her hair differently (like Barbie!). For me, the element that would make or break this set was the accessories, and there just are none beyond Gwen’s arms and alternate hair. Give me a purse for Gwen, some lab equipment for Connors, an alternate transforming-into-Lizard head–anything. As it is, these figures are an okay addition for completing the Amazing Spider-Man Minimates line, but they really don’t have any flair on their own. The paint applications on my Dr. Connors Minimate are less well-done than what I expect from the line, and this set is just kind of “there”. If you’re a crazy Gwen Stacy fanboy like me then you’re going to go wild for this set, but for everyone else this pair of Amazing Spider-Man Minimates is pretty passable.



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  1. Sorry Dabid. By putting Stacey with the scientist I think Diamond Select is trying to tell you that Stacey is not, in fact, Parker’s OTP. You’re living in the past, bro.