Avengers 6″ Loki Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro

Loki Avengers 6" Studio Series Action Figure 2012 HasbroHaving covered most of the Avengers roster itself this past week in my reviews of the Avengers Studio Series Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor 6″ action figures, I’m moving on today to the movie’s dastardly villain: Loki, the God of Mischief.

They say the third time’s the charm, but on the second try I already got an amazing Avengers Loki figure. While I was totally unimpressed with the first Loki figure I reviewed for the Avengers movie (the 4″ Avengers Loki by Hasbro), I was elated with how exemplary the second one turned out (Avengers Minimates Loki). I was certain that as good as the Minimates Loki was, the Avengers 6″ Loki Studio Series figure was going to blow it out of the dimension. And in a lot of ways it does. But overall, I think I may prefer Minimates Loki…

The Right:

Close-Up of 6" Loki Avengers Studio Series Movie Action Figure Tom Hiddleston HeadThe most exciting aspect of this Loki figure is that it features something neither the Hasbro 4″ Avengers Loki nor the Minimates Loki do: a removable helmet with proper Tom Hiddleston head underneath. While the Minimates Loki had a removable helmet, Loki was bald without it, hardly befitting of the trickster God. But the Loki Studio Series figure does the job right, as Tom Hiddleston’s head is faithfully recreated with his hair in all of its silky black glory.

Loki has a dispassionate, unconcerned look upon his face. While I’d have preferred a cocky, mischievous grin on Loki’s face, this facial sculpt is ideal for representing Loki while he was a “captive” of SHIELD. Every detail of Loki’s face looks totally authentic to Tom Hiddleston, from the sculpting of his facial features to the shape of his eyebrows. This is a truly phenomenal likeness, and definitely one of the best resemblances I’ve seen in a sculpture of an actor in this scale ever.

Side of Loki Avengers 6" Studio Series Action Figure 2012 HasbroLoki’s attire is just as authentic and well-done as his head. Loki has his signature, flowing green cape which easily attaches and detaches from his shoulders, with a peg inside the cape to keep it from coming loose when you don’t want it to. The subtle texture on his jacket is enormously intricate, and the ornate designs on the back of the jacket look incredible. Loki’s “loincloth” has lots of little wrinkles and creases in it, increasing the realistic appearance of the figure. Even Loki’s boots have a cool, glossy sheen to them that really make the figure feel complete.

Loki doesn’t exactly do any ninja techniques or Olympics-level acrobatics in the Avengers movie, but Hasbro built in a healthy amount of articulation, worthy of the Marvel Legends-style, anyway. Loki has 28 points of articulation, consisting of a ball-jointed head, double-jointed ball-joint shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, double-jointed ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, and double-jointed ankles with ankle rockers.

Back of Loki Avengers 6" Studio Series Action Figure 2012 HasbroThe ankle rocker feet have a huge range of motion, allowing Loki to tap-dance and stand in most any position (particularly with his cape off), and I’m happy to see Loki has the swivel waist that most of the Marvel Legends-style figures this year are lacking. I thought that Loki’s jacket and tunic might restrict some of the articulation, but in actuality the clothes are hardly any hindrance at all.

Loki comes with two accessories (besides his helmet)–one unique to his character, and one that comes with every Avengers Movie Studio Series action figure. The first is his magical staff from the Avengers movie, which is an essential addition to the figure. I’ll discuss the staff momentarily. The other accessory is of course the interlocking collector’s base figure stand that every figure comes with. Loki tends to be a little top-heavy and wobbly with his cape on, so I’m pleased to have the stand to keep him stably upright.

Avengers Movie Figures Thor and Loki Fight 6" Studio Series Walmart Exclusives Hasbro
The Wrong:

Comparison of Avengers Loki Action Figures 4" 6" Hasbro and MinimatesThere’s one flaw in this figure that I have a really hard time coping with, and that’s the lackluster paint chosen for the gold on Loki’s attire and staff. Rather than looking extravagant and powerful as a God should, the poorly-chosen ‘gold’ paint makes Loki look like someone unremarkable, or even worse–a toy. Loki’s helmet looks especially bad, as it looks like it’s molded out of honey mustard. Considering that Diamond Select Toys managed to choose a beautiful, shiny gold to use on their Minimates figure, it’s a bit of a disappointment that Hasbro’s color selection was so bad. A $17 Marvel Legends-style action figure should never look cheap next to a $3 Minimates figure, but the paint on the Minimates Loki is simply superior.

Packaged Avengers 6" Loki Studio Series Action Figure 2012 HasbroAnother problem with the figure that really irks me doesn’t relate to Loki himself, but rather his staff. Loki’s staff looks pretty awful here, in my opinion. I know the staff is able to change size and shape, but the version of the staff Hasbro picked looks far too dinky and short for my shapes. In addition, it has the same flat, boring ‘gold’ paint on it as Loki does, which doesn’t do it any favors at all. Despite being scaled to a 2″ figure, the Minimates Loki’s staff looks more intricately-detailed, better-painted, and more threateningly-scaled. This Loki figure’s staff doesn’t look like a lethal, fear-inducing weapon of destruction–it looks like some old lady’s little walking stick or something. For a weapon so crucial to Loki’s film appearance, I really wish Hasbro had made the staff look a bit more spectacular.

Front of Loki Avengers 6" Studio Series Action Figure 2012 HasbroOverall: This Loki figure, like Loki, is on the verge of greatness and can’t quite get there. The sculpting on the Avengers 6″ Loki Studio Series movie action figure is absolutely awesome, and is definitively the best-sculpted Loki toy being released for the Avengers movie (outside of the Hot Toys Loki, which I consider a high-end collectible and not a toy). The Loki Studio Series 6″ figure has a fantastic likeness to Tom Hiddleston, and looks excellent with the helmet on or off. The articulation on Loki makes him supremely poseable, although his cape can make him somewhat back-heavy. The real downer about that figure that it’s hard to get past is the lack of a fancy gold paint. The flat yellow-gold paint used on the figure looks, frankly, cheap. Loki may be a lot of things, but he’s not someone who’d underdress and look shabby. Loki’s staff looks equally unexceptional, and the problem is compounded by the short, harmless-looking version of the staff Hasbro chose. These issues are the only glaring flaws with this Loki figure, and the reason I hope we see a better-looking repaint of this figure down the line. Still, the Avengers Loki 6″ action figure is outstanding in all other ways, and with no known repaint on the horizon, a must-have for anyone who collect the Marvel movie toys.


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Avengers 6″ Loki Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro — 2 Comments

  1. You 100% spot-on here. HATE the staff. I am coming to terms with it by telling myself it’s a scepter in this incarnation. Not helping a lot, but it’s how I cope. I love, love, love the previous “Comic Series” Wal-Mart exclusive 6″ Loki from the Thor movie line but there, too, bemoan the lack of any staff at all. Guess Loki will always be lacking somehow.

  2. It’s killing me that these aren’t available in my area. I have no idea why these would be an exclusive when the 3.75-inch Avengers line is so lousy. The costume detailing is great although I agree with the wish that they gone with a different face-sculpt.