Avengers 6″ Thor Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro

Thor Avengers Figure 6" Movie Studio Series 2012 HasbroComing off the high of the Avengers Studio Series Hulk (who’s one of my favorite figures of the year) and Studio Series Hawkeye (who has some of the most intricate costume sculpting I’ve seen in a while), I come to the Avengers 6″ Studio Series Thor action figure. Thor is another figure shortpacked at one-per-case, but this time it was probably a good decision by Hasbro.

The God of Thunder returned to Earth in the Avengers movie, and his 6″ action figure has returned as a Wal-Mart exclusive again. He’s not exactly the same as the 6″ Thor figure released at Wal-Mart for last year’s Thor movie. But then again, he’s not exactly an accurate Thor as he appears in the Avengers movie either…

The Right:

Side of Avengers 6" Thor Studio Series Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012It feels a bit like deja vu seeing 6″ Thor back again at Wal-Mart, since it seems like they just managed to sell through the Thor movie 6″ action figure recently. In fact, at my Wal-Mart, they still haven’t sold through all of those Thor movie 6″ figures. So it was pretty easy for me to do an in-store comparison and see that the difference between the Thor movie figure and the Avengers movie Thor figure is… very little. The body sculpt on this figure and the cape are exactly–exactly–the same. You could call this a repaint, except that the paint is even almost identical to the old figure, with only extremely negligible differences.

Close-Up of Avengers 6" Thor Studio Series Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012The big difference between this Avengers Thor and the one released for the Thor movie is the head. In fact, it’s the only difference. The movie Thor 6″ action figure was wearing his helmet, while this time out Thor is in his more common helmetless movie look. I hated the helmeted Thor figure, as he doesn’t wear the helmet very much in the movie and the helmet makes it difficult to see any of Chris Hemsworth in the head sculpt. This time out, the likeness is definitely there, making this the 6″ Thor I absolutely want in my collection. I’ve seen a couple people nitpick the head, but he looks just like Chris Hemsworth to me–I’m really pleased with this head. (And if Hasbro ever gets the rights to do Lord of the Rings toy, this head would totally be terrific for a Boromir figure!)

In Bubble Thor 6" Figure Avengers Movie Studio SeriesDespite being a repack with a new head, Thor fits in marvelously with the other Avengers scale-wise. At about 7″ tall, he’s clearly bigger than the poor mortal Hawkeye figure, but also noticeably smaller than the mighty Hulk Studio Series figure. His large stature makes me feel like Thor is worth the high ~$17 price-point, though I’m never “excited” about paying that much for an action figure.

Articulation-wise, Thor is pretty loaded. Thor has 29 articulation points including a double-jointed ball-joint neck, ball-jointed upper torso, double-jointed ball-joint shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed elbows, swivel wrists, double-jointed ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, and double-jointed ball-joint ankles. This Thor Studio Series figure has much smaller muscles than the 2012 Marvel Legends Thor, and as a result his body is a lot more naturally flexible and his articulation is a lot more usable. There are some issues with the ankle articulation that I’ll discuss in a bit, but overall I’m pleased with the engineering of this Thor figure.

Avengers Thor with Mjolnir Hammer vs. Halo Brute Chieftain with Gravity HammerThor includes two accessories: his Mjolnir hammer and a collector’s base display stand. Mjolnir is smaller and less detailed than the one that came with Heroic Age Thor from Marvel Legends Series 1, but movie Thor figure is also much less massive than that one. In Thor’s case, the stand is more worthwhile than with other figures in the Avengers Studio Series, as Thor is missing the stabilizing ankle rockers the other figures have.

Comparison of Marvel Legends Series 1 Thor and Movie Thor Action Figures
The Wrong:

Cardback Avengers 6" Studio Series Thor Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012As good as the new head on this figure looks, there’s one problem: this figure represents Thor from the Thor movie and not the Avengers movie, where his costume is notably different. If you didn’t know any better this wouldn’t trouble you, but most hardcore Marvel movie fans are going to be privy to this knowledge and frustrated about having an inaccurate Thor in their Avengers lineup. I guess if the tooling was too expensive and it was either going to be an inaccurate Avengers Thor with a new head or no Thor, I’d take this one. But it’s still disappointing that Hasbro didn’t try to make this figure more accurate.

In addition, the paint applications of this Thor aren’t up to the same level as those on Hawkeye and Hulk. There are several places on Thor where the paint is uneven or bleeding onto another color, and because of the contrast in the paint colors on Thor the imperfections are glaring.

Back Cape of Avengers 6" Thor Studio Series Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012Finally, since this Thor body was developed in 2011, it’s missing the ankle rockers on the ankles that have become more widespread this year. Thor is very back-heavy because of the non-removable plastic cape, and the lack of ankle rockers to help him balance while standing is up is strongly felt. The combination of having a huge, bulky, non-flexible cape and not having the superior ankle rocker joints definitely restricts the range of stable poses Thor can do to much less than Hulk or Hawkeye.

Packaged Avengers 6" Studio Series Thor Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012Overall: This is an excellent figure of Thor without his helmet as he appears in the 2011 Thor movie. What it’s not is a totally authentic representation of Thor’s Avengers 2012 movie appearance. The new head sculpt is fantastic, in my opinion, and makes this figure a superior release to the 6″ figure from the Thor movie, but I’d like more for my $17 than just a new head. Thor’s articulation and paint are both slightly less impressive than that of the Hulk and Hawkeye figures developed for the Avengers Studio Series 6″ line, and his rigid cape really gets in the way of posing him, but he’s still a very good figure and fits in well with his Avengers teammates. If you want to complete your Avengers lineup, this Thor Studio Series figure is the best available for it right now–just keep in mind that this is a Thor that’s not completely accurate to his movie appearance.


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