Avengers 6″ Hawkeye Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review Hasbro

Hawkeye Avengers Studio Series Action Figure 6" Hasbro 2012Following up on my review of the out-of-this-world-awesome Avengers 6″ Studio Series Hulk movie action figure, I want to jump straight to the other all-new movie Avenger’s character in this assortment: Hawkeye.

Of all the characters in the Avengers movie, I thought Hawkeye was the only one who really didn’t get a fair shake. Ol’ Clint Barton got to look like a total badass in several action sequences, but his character development was close to non-existent. Poor Hawkeye didn’t even get an action figure in the first assortments of 4″ Avengers toys! Luckily, Hasbro is rectifying overlooking Hawkeye now with both a newly-released 4″ figure and this 6″ figure, which falls a few arrows short of perfect, but is still pretty good…

The Right:

Front of Hawkeye Avengers Figure 6" Studio Series 2012 HasbroWhat really stands out to me about this Hawkeye figure is the gorgeous sculpting on his costume. The textures on his costume are immensely intricate, and really give off the feeling of Hawkeye being covered in leather and kevlar. Little details like the painted straps and buckles on his boots and pants, the zipper on his vest, and the bracer on his right arm really make this figure pop and look more like a mini-Hot Toys figure than a low-end action figure.

While I was immediately enthralled by the sculpting on the body of this Hawkeye figure, I thought the head sculpt on this Avengers 6″ Studio Series Hawkeye action figure really sucked at first. It’ll sound weird, but the head sculpt was evoking more of a vibe of teacher Will Schuester from “Glee” than Hawkeye. However, upon reviewing the source material thoroughly, I’m actually really pleased with the head sculpt. The resemblance to Jeremy Renner is definitely there and very well-done, it’s actually just the hair that isn’t quite right and was throwing me.

Back of Hawkeye Avengers Figure 6" Studio Series 2012 HasbroHawkeye is properly-scaled, as he’s accurately shorter than Thor and a total midget next to Hulk. Scale is crucial in a toy line like Avengers, and I’m really psyched that Hasbro has gotten it dead-to-rights with the Avengers Studio Series.

Hawkeye is extremely well-articulated, and at the same level as some of the best Marvel Legends 2012 figures. In all, he has 30 points of articulation, including a ball-jointed head, ball-jointed upper torso, double-jointed ball-joint shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed elbows, double-jointed ball-joint wrists, double-jointed ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, and double-jointed ankles with ankle rockers. Ankle rockers are always my favorite joint for enhancing posing possiblities, so I’m thrilled to see Hawkeye is sporting them. Hawkeye’s arms are just short of being long enough to flex into the two-handed bow-shooting pose I want to get him into, but they come very close.

The paint on the 6″ Hawkeye Studio Series action figure is top-notch, no questions asked. The color choices for the paint are perfect, and every line and spot have been painted masterfully.

Accessories from Hawkeye Avengers Figure 6" Studio Series 2012 HasbroThe Avengers Hawkeye 6″ figure includes three accessories: a bow, a quiver, and a collector’s base figure stand. The quiver I’ll talk about in a moment, but the bow looks really nice and fits firmly into Hawkeye’s right hand. The bow string is flexible but sturdy, and I’m not at all worried about it breaking. Hawkeye stands just fine on his own without the base due to the great ankle articulation, but I’m not one to turn his nose up at an extra figure stand.

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye Avengers Movie Action Figure 6" Walmart Exclusive
The Wrong:

Quiver Hawkeye Avengers Movie Studio Series Action FigureWhile the Hawkeye figure itself is pretty awesome (with a few flaws), I’m feeling really disappointed in both the accessories he comes with and the ones he doesn’t. Maybe the bar was set too high by the terrific Minimates Hawkeye by Diamond Select Toys, which had a quiver that could store three removable arrows, but the quiver that this figure comes with the 6″ Hawkeye Studio Series action figure doesn’t come close to meeting my expectations.

Rather than having a proper quiver with arrows sticking out, there’s a rounded lid covering the top of the quiver. It looks more like the Hawkeye Studio Series figure is carrying a big canister of mutagenic ooze from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than a quiver full of deadly arrows. You can’t even see any arrows in Hawkeye’s quiver, and it’s meaningless to have Hawkeye bend his arm over his shoulder to reach into his quiver, because it’s enclosed.

While the aforementioned Minimates Hawkeye had a bow that had a clip that you could attach an arrow to, you can’t do that here. In fact, complicating issues further is the fact that Hawkeye doesn’t come with any arrows. At all. Not sculpted into his bow, not coming out of his quiver, not loose and on the side–nothing. Hawkeye is essentially an impotent archer, because he literally has nothing to attack with. Weird, weird choice by Hasbro.

The Ridiculous:

Close-Up of Hawkeye Studio Series 6" Avengers Action FigureI freaking hate that almost every single piece of Hawkeye merch out there has him wearing those ridiculous sunglasses. I’ve been told that Hawkeye may actually wear the glasses for a few seconds in the movie, but I don’t recall seeing them at all myself. Regardless, for at least 99% of his screen time Hawkeye is sunglasses-free, and it’s annoying as hell to have to see him sporting the dopey sunglasses on most all licensed products. Even if they didn’t want to include an alternate head like the Minimates or Hot Toys Hawkeye did, Hasbro really should have made the sunglasses removable on a deluxe 6″ action figure running about $17.

Packaged Avengers 6" Studio Series Hawkeye Movie Figure Hasbro 2012Overall: The 6″ Studio Series Avengers Hawkeye is a spectacular building-block for Hasbro to use for a future perfect Hawkeye figure, and a very good figure in its own right. The base body for this Hawkeye is really exceptional, with some of the best sculpting and paint deco I’ve seen on a 6″ figure all year. The articulation is plentiful, as with all Marvel Legends 2012-style action figures, and I’m in love with the ankle rockers as always. I hate that Hawkeye is stuck with a head with non-removable sunglasses he barely (if at all) wears in the Avengers movie, and the lack of a quiver with arrows in it (or any arrows at all for that matter) is sorely felt. If you’re building a movie Avengers team, the Hawkeye Studio Series figure is definitely essential and earns a strong recommendation. If you’re patient, though, I foresee Hasbro redoing this figure with a new head and a couple improved accessories in the future to make it absolutely perfect.


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