REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ultra Poseable Spider-Man 4″ Action Figure 2012

Amazing Spider-Man 4" Ultra Poseable Spider-Man Figure Poses for the CameraI’d never bought a single Spider-Man movie figure despite the three Spider-Man films that came out over the past decade, but after losing my Marvel movie figures virginity to the Avengers line, I figured I might as well give ol’ Spidey his due as well. I don’t buy wacky, expanded-universe variations of main characters (except that insane Rocket-Firing kid Anakin Skwalker that came out this year), so there was one obvious choice for my first 4″ Amazing Spider-Man movie action figure: Ultra Poseable Spider-Man. As advertised, Ultra Poseable Spider-Man is in fact one of the most articulated 4″ figures I’ve ever owned. Should you buy one? Read on…

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The Right:

Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man Movie Figure The Amazing Spider-ManThe term “Ultra Poseable” is in this Spider-Man figure’s name, so let’s start with a discussion of his articulation. After the total dud that was virtually the whole 4″ Avengers toy line, I wasn’t sure if “ultra poseable” meant Spidey was going to have more than a dozen points of articulation or what. Turns out, the Ultra Poseable Spider-Man figure has articulation that’s almost on-par with the best of the revived 6″ Marvel Legends 2012 line.

Ultra Poseable Spider-Man is sporting a double-jointed ball-joint head, ball-jointed upper torso, double-jointed ball-joint shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed hinge elbows, double-jointed wrists, double-jointed ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed hinge knees, and double-jointed ankles with ankle rockers. That’s 31 points of articulation of a 4″ action figure! If that’s not some kind of record, it has to be damn close to it.

Electro vs. Spider-Man Ultra Poseable Movie Action Figure 2012 HasbroComparison of Scarlet Spider and Ultra Poseable Spider-Man Action Figures Hasbro 2012Spidey has an incredible range of motion in his neck, including the rare ability to look up and well as straight down. We don’t usually get ankle rockers on Hasbro’s 4″ Marvel figures, but the ones on Ultra Poseable Spider-Man work like magic and are indispensable for getting this figure to balance stably in crazy poses.

Sculpting-wise, this Spider-Man action figure is wildly different from your typical Hasbro Marvel Universe action figure. Hasbro took a much more realistic approach with this version of Spider-Man, and as such the proportions on the figure are a drastic departure from what we’re used to. Peter’s costume is also covered in a realistic, sculpted texture that adds extra dimensions to the suit’s appearance. While all of the stylistic changes make this figure almost incompatible with most Marvel Universe figures visually, it looks wicked cool on its own or when paired with the movie Lizard action figure I reviewed last week.

Amazing Spider-Man Lizard and Ultra Poseable Spider-Man 4" Figures 2012 HasbroThe coloring on Ultra Poseable Spider-Man looks very good. The different pieces of Spidey’s body are molded in red or blue so that not much paintwork is necessary on the figure. As a result, Spider-Man is totally free of missing paint spots or uneven lines. There’s a subtle pain wash over the red portions of Spider-Man’s costume, which accentuates the webbing and makes the texture on the costume really stand out.

Iron Fist vs. Amazing Spider-Man Ultra Poseable Action Figure Hasbro 2012
The Wrong:

Side of Ultra Poseable Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012The main thing that really bugs me (no pun intended) about this Ultra Poseable Amazing Spider-Man figure is that he looks like he’s suffering from a severe case of pinhead syndrome. Spidey’s head just does not look like it’s the right size to fit onto his body. In addition, the way that Spider-Man’s neck has been sculpted diaganolly shooting out of his upper torso, it looks really bizarre and inhuman.

As outstanding as the Ultra Poseable Spider-Man’s articulation is, there are a few basic points that I think are strangely missing. I don’t know if Hasbro is on an anti-swivel waist bender or what, but many of their figures–including this one–have been lacking a swivel waist lately. Also, Spidey only has a swivel on one side of his ball-jointed hips. It sounds like the most whiny of nitpicks, but not having the swivel on both sides makes it much more tedious and complicated to get the Amazing Spider-Man into dynamic kicking and crawling poses.

Back of Ultra Poseable Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Movie Action Figure Hasbro 2012Finally, Ultra Poseable Spider-Man suffers from a design choice that no amount of articulation (sans finger articulation) will fixed: dual open hands. I just got done praising the Hasbro design team for the decision to give the Avengers 6″ Studio Series Hulk figure an open hand as well as a closed fist, but poor Ultra Poseable Spider-Man just isn’t as lucky. The way the Ultra Poseable Spider-Man’s open hands are, he can never throw a punch or shoot a web–he’ll just be randomly grasping at air for eternity.

Packaged Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ultra Poseable Spider-Man Action Figure Hasbro 2012Overall: I’m really torn on this 4″ Amazing Spider-Man Ultra Poseable Spider-Man figure. Spider-Man is a character who needs a gajillion points of articulation perhaps more than any other superhero (bar Ragdoll of the Secret Six), so I always want to support Hasbro trying their best to give us the most articulated Spider-Man action figure that they can. And this Ultra Poseable movie Spider-Man figure is outrageously poseable to the same level as a 6″ Marvel Legends figure. But even with all that articulation built-in, Spidey is missing important waist and hip swivels that bring down my enjoyment factor of him. His head seems too small and his neck seems very strangely sculpted, while the design choice for two grasping hands is an odd one. Ultra Poseable Spider-Man is far and away the best 4″ Amazing Spider-Man movie action figure I’ve seen in the toy line so far, and he does earn a recommendation, but be aware that there are some peculiarities about the figure that hold it back from being purest perfection.


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REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ultra Poseable Spider-Man 4″ Action Figure 2012 — 5 Comments

  1. Are the hips on your figure stuck? From all I hear, he’s got swivels on both sides of the ball — but they’re pegged at a 45-degree (or whatever) angle, so they can be tricky to manipulate. I don’t have this particular fig yet, but I usually hinge the leg out and then turn it inward to manipulate the hip swivel. If I try to turn the hip via the leg when it’s straight down, I usually end up moving the thigh swivel rather than the hip.

    And I dunno, I kinda like the open hands! Better for crawling poses — assuming one can take full advantage of the hips, anyway. My main gripe (again, based on what I’ve seen online) is that it doesn’t have a proper ab crunch. I like my Spideys to be flexible enough to bend nigh in half — well, ~90 degrees at the waist — and these torso joints (as nice as they are) don’t often come close to providing that kind of range.

    • Unfortunately, Ultra Poseable Spider-Man DEFINITELY doesn’t have swivels on both sides of the hip joint. I assumed he would too, but I’ve rotated the ball over and over and over and he’s limited to one swivel for hip ball-joint. It’s really strange that Hasbro chose to do it that way, and it’s really quite annoying.

      • Hm. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean (rather than having swivel-hinged hips and swivel thighs, you’re saying he has only hinged hips and swivel thighs — right?), it does sound like there’s something wrong with your fig. There are plenty of pics of the fig taking advantage of the articulation in the normal way… and in fact some of your pics show it, too. Your articulation count seems to include that missing point, too.

        So I’m probably not sure what you mean. What do you mean? :)

        • Nope–I’m actually referring to the fact that there’s only one swivel on each hip ball-joint. If you pick up Marvel Legends Future Foundation Spider-Man, you’ll see how his amazing articulation is facilitated by having two swivels on each hip ball-joint, so he can stick his legs out at any angle regardless of where the ball-joint is turned. With Ultra Poseable Spider-Man, there’s only one swivel per hip ball-joint, so you need to actively go in and force the ball to rotate to get him posed how you want. It’s not bad, per se, but it is annoying compared to what I’m used to now.

          • Yeah… no idea what you’re talking about, unless you’re saying that the hips aren’t pegged at 90 degrees (like the 6″ Avengers Hulk; the other 6″ Avengers figs have 90-degree hips). But while that would make manipulating the joint more difficult, it wouldn’t mean that the figure has any less articulation. :/