Avengers 6″ Hulk Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro

Avengers Hulk 6" Movie Figure Smashes Studio Series Hasbro 2012I went out searching for some new Clone Wars figures this weekend to no avail (anyone got an extra Scuba Ahsoka they wanna part with?), but as a consolation prize I stumbled across a fresh placement of the Wal-Mart exclusive Avengers 6″ Studio Series of action figures. I wasn’t looking for them and hadn’t planned to drop the cash picking them up, but with them right in front of me, I just couldn’t help but pick up the complete set. First up in my series of reviews of these Avengers Studio Series movie figures is one of my surprise favorite characters in the Avengers movie, the Hulk. The Avengers 4″ Hulk figure that Hasbro put out is pretty much a disgrace, but thankfully the 6″-scale Hulk turns out to be virtually flawless…

The Right:

Hulk Avengers 6" Studio Series Figure is 8" Tall Hasbro 2012First and foremost, I want to talk about the most striking feature of the Hulk: He’s HUGE!!! As he should be, the Avengers 6″ Hulk Studio Series movie action figure is a massive monster of a figure. From the top of his hair to the bottom of his feet, the Hulk Studio Series figure stands nearly 8″ tall, making him the largest standard Marvel Legends-scale figure Hasbro has put out since the revival of Marvel Legends. I thought Wrecking Crew members Thunderball and Piledriver from Marvel Legends Series 2 were untouchable as far as size goes, but Hulk is about a quarter-inch taller than either of them and much wider and bulkier. Hulk is so enormous that his knees had to be bent just to get him into the bubble and onto the Avengers cardback!

Back of Hulk 6" Avengers Movie Studio Series Figure 2012 Hasbro Walmart ExclusiveHulk’s gigantic size makes him the best value of any figure in the Wal-Mart exclusive Avengers 6″ Studio Series Movie line of action figures. I’m honestly surprised that Hasbro didn’t cheap out and cut back the scale on the Avengers Hulk 6″ figure to reduce costs, but Hasbro chose to do right by Hulk and the result is an outstanding figure that’s every bit the incredible beast Hulk’s figure deserves to be.

I’d be a liar if I said I was a fan of the ~$17 price-point that’s the new standard for 6″ Marvel Legends-style action figures in modern times, but when it comes to a juggernaut (no, not that one) of a figure like this Avengers movie Hulk, I really can’t bring myself to complain.

Comparison of 6" Avengers Hulk and Marvel Legends Bucky Captain America Action FiguresClose-Up of Hulk 6" Avengers Movie Studio Series Figure 2012 Hasbro Walmart ExclusiveSculpting-wise, Avengers Studio Series Hulk is a thing of beauty. His head and face look like a screenshot come to life, and Hasbro has even managed to faithfully recreate Hulk’s hair. The tattered pants on Hulk partially run over his knees, and there’s even a subtle pattern on Hulk’s pants. Also, I appreciate that Hulk has been sculpted to have one fist and one open hand for grasping enemies or weapons with. Too often we get figures with either two fists or two open hands, so I’m always happy when we get a figure that has the best of both worlds for hands.

While simplistic, accurately portraying Hulk’s colors is just as crucial to the figure’s appearance as the colors, and Hasbro has successfully perfect that aspect of the figure as well. Hulk has the proper muted green skin with dull, purple-brown pants. Hulk’s eyes and hair are their signature hues of green as well.

Avengers Movie 6" Hulk Bangs Red and Grey Hulks Heads Together FiguresAs with all of the Marvel Legends-style figures released by Hasbro this year, Avengers Studio Series Hulk has a whole heap of articulation. In total, Hulk has 30 points of articulation consisting of a ball-jointed head, double-jointed ball-joint shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed hinge elbows, double-jointed ball-joint wrists, ball-jointed upper torso, double-jointed ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed hinge knees, and double-jointed feet with ankle rockers. Besides the odd absence of a swivel waist, Hulk has every point of articulation I’d want from him. His ankle rockers are particularly useful, as it’s a cinch to get Hulk to balance with them. Without the ankle rockers, Hulk’s stability would be seriously compromised.

The Avengers Hulk Studio Series 6″ action figure includes one accessory: an Avengers logo figure stand that matches the ones that come with the other Avengers. Hulk can stand very easily even without the stand, thanks to his extra-wide feet, but it’s always nice to have an extra stand for consistency’s sake and in case you want to try to put Hulk into any kind of extreme pose (though his weight may tip over the stand anyway).

The Wrong:

Packaged Avengers 6" Studio Series Hulk Action Figure Wal-Mart Exclusive Hasbro 2012I’m certain it’s because of the high production cost of the figure, but I’m sure many collectors are going to have a very frustrating time acquiring this Avengers 6″ Hulk figure because of its shortpacked nature. At just one-per-case for such a prominent character, coupled with being a Wal-Mart exclusive, Hulk is going to be a real pain to find at retail.

The only other thing that even registers are wrong with this Hulk figure is that the plastic used on his his elbow and knee joints seems to be a little too rubbery, as evident when trying to utilize the double-joints on the knees and elbows. Whenever I bend them, I worry slightly about breaking the limbs, and I also have some concerns about the joints becoming too weak or loose through natural degrading over the years.

Hulk 6" Avengers Studio Series Movie Figure Smashes 4" Loki Hasbro 2012Overall: Hulk looks to be on-track to be an utter nightmare to find at retail right away, but let me assure you: he’s worth it. With an authentic sculpt, loads of articulation, great paint, and an immense body size, the Avengers Hulk Studio Series figure is all-around fantastic. I wish Hulk wasn’t a shortpacked store exclusive, and I have some minor concerns about the long-term health of some of his joints, but Hulk is nearly perfect otherwise. The Avengers Studio Series Hulk 6″ action figure earns a high recommendation, and any 6″ collector who’s a Marvel movies fan will definitely want to add this Hulk to their collection.


Want a Hulk Studio Series 6″-scale action figure for your very own? Various sellers are selling 6″ movie Hulk at a multitude of prices, but with Hulk currently being as rare and in-demand as he is, you might be best off  trying your luck by checking out the ebay listings for Avengers Studio Series Hulk directly by clicking here!


Avengers 6″ Hulk Studio Series Movie Action Figure Review 2012 Hasbro — 2 Comments

  1. Just happened across a full set at Wal-Mart this AM and, while $108 or so stung, it felt worthwhile. Hulk takes the cake but Loki and Hawkeye look great, too (the prior exclusive comi Loki is my favorite 6″ fig ever). The new Thor head sculpt rights the wrongs of his prior movie 6″ with Iron Man and Cap leaving me ho-hum (and where’s Black Widow?). Great review – hope you’ll cover the rest!

  2. Really love the look of this one. I think he might actually look nicer than the Marvel Select version. Sucks that he’s a WM exclusive given that my local stores never get them in. That’s a much bigger issue than whatever he costs at retail, given how much more expensive he is on the secondary markets.