REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man Movie Lizard Action Figure Reptile Blast 2012

Lizard Amazing Spider-Man Movie Action Figure Rampages 2012 HasbroThe Lizard has been rumored to make his movie debut since Curt Connors’ very first appearance in the original Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie, and though it’s a whole new Spider-Man movie universe, actor, and director, the Lizard will finally get his day in the sun this summer in the new The Amazing Spider-Man film! Arriving comfortably after the Avengers movie line, the Amazing Spider-Man toys by Hasbro were officially released this week, including their first 4″ take on the movie Lizard: Reptile Blast Lizard. This is the only movie Lizard figure we’re getting for a little bit, and he certainly looks good in the package. Out of the package, well… he’s a little less great…

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The Right:

Lizard Amazing Spider-Man Action Figure Movie Front 2012 HasbroThe best part part of this Amazing Spider-Man Lizard figure is definitely its expressive sculpting. Movie Lizard is no passive villain–he’s ready to kill. The Lizard figure’s spindly hands look ready to strike and rip Spider-Man apart brutally, and the Lizard’s head sculpt has a vicious look etched upon the face. His open mouth could either be preparing for a speech or to bite Spidey’s head off, and the eyes are those of a stone-cold killer.

Reptile Blast Lizard’s body itself is clearly inhuman and, while undersized, looks suitably covered in muscles. There’s a great reptilian texture covering the majority of the figure, which is brought out by the dark green color that is predominant on the movie Lizard.

Lizard Amazing Spider-Man Action Figure Movie Back and Tail 2012 HasbroThe paint applications of the green fading into the tan belly of the figure look stellar. From a paint deco perspective, this movie Lizard figure is a total knock-out. Also, I was pleased to have my pick of a half-dozen Lizard action figures on the pegs so I could pick one with the most pleasing paint-job. Considering how difficult it’s been to find certain Marvel movie toys (I’ve never seen a Destroyer, Whiplash, Lady Sif, or any of the Warriors Three), I’m thrilled that Hasbro is making enough Amazing Spider-Man Lizard figures to go around at launch.

Amazing Spider-Man Reptile Blast Lizard Figure Killed by Anamaman HasbroThe Wrong:

Reptile Blast Lizard Figure Fighting Scarlet Spider-Man Action FiguresI’ve seen screenshots of the Amazing Spider-Man movie and flashes of the Lizard in the trailers, and those have given me the impression that the Lizard is supposed to look large and powerful. Not to Hulk levels or anything, but at least a decent amount bigger and beefier than Spidey. Instead, the movie Lizard figure is barely larger than Spider-Man at all, and I really don’t get the feeling from the figure that he’s a real powerhouse and threat to Spidey. We’ve seen huge figures like Hulk and Thanos in the Marvel Universe line, so I don’t see any reason (other than cost-cutting) for movie Lizard to have to be so small.

Lizard Amazing Spider-Man Action Figure Movie Side 2012 HasbroWe’ve seen the extraordinary level of flexibility Hasbro can fit into a 4″ figure in their awesome Marvel Universe line, and that’s left me all the more disappointed in their Amazing Spider-Man Lizard figure. Movie Lizard has 16 points of articulation including a ball-jointed head, double-jointed ball-joint shoulders, double-jointed ball-joint elbows, T-crotch hips, double-jointed ball-joint knees, swivel tail and… that’s it. While he can do some nice upper-body poses, it’s near-impossible to get him into varied dynamic poses because of the lack of lower-body articulation. The hard plastic tail gets in the way a lot more than it helps movie Lizard to balance, and the Lizard desperately needs ankle articulation and at least swivel wrists.

Reptile Blast Lizard Amazing Spider-Man Movie Figure Can't Balance 2012 HasbroFinally, the Lizard comes with one weapon: his “reptile blast” missile launcher. The missile launcher is actually too heavy for the figure to support, so the Lizard topples over while holding up the missile launcher no matter what I do. If Hasbro had implemented more lower-body articulation I could maybe get Lizard to stand stably with the reptile blast missile launcher, but as it is I just can’t get it to work. And even if I could, I think the missile launcher is pretty stupid and I wouldn’t want to display reptile blast Lizard with it anyway. I would have much preferred improved articulation or a more accurate scale on this movie Lizard action figure than a goofy giant missile launcher.

Packaged Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Reptile Blast Movie Action Figure 2012 HasbroOverall: The Amazing Spider-Man Reptile Blast Lizard movie action figure is gorgeous from a visual perspective, with a highly-expressive sculpt and top-of-the-line paint applications on it. Unfortunately, the figure is held back by sub-par articulation, a dumb weapon, and being a bit undersized. Knowing the kind of work that Hasbro can put out in this scale from their Marvel Universe 4″ line, the Amazing Spider-Man movie Lizard figure really is a bit of a let-down. Reptile Blast Lizard is a good-looking figure that I’m happy to have on my shelf for the moment, but I will absolutely be looking to upgrade to a superior version that will inevitably come out down the line in a larger scale and with better articulation.


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REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man Movie Lizard Action Figure Reptile Blast 2012 — 4 Comments

  1. You think that’s inevitable, eh? I guess it’s possible, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…!

    In any case, great review. That missile launcher IS stupid, isn’t it? I can kinda forgive Spider-Man coming with that sort of thing — I mean, even if he doesn’t use it in the film and isn’t associated with missile launchers in comics, it doesn’t seem like something he wouldn’t use if he thought it was useful. (I could be remembering wrong, but I think he actually has used weapons like that a few times on the new Ultimate Spidey cartoon.) But Lizard has always seemed to me more like a hands-on (and tail-on) fighter than one who’d be battling with projectiles. So that weapon just doesn’t work for me in any respect… though I guess it could have if they’d shaped it like a lizard or a claw or something. Even scale texture on the missile would’ve given it an odd, goofy charm.

    Ah, the road not taken!

  2. Wait, T-crotch hips meaning he has outward leg motion?

    At any rate, the size and articulation look disappointing but at the same time I think they’re only doing one 4″ movie Lizard which kinda limits the selection.

    • Naw, Lizard has T-Crotch hips in the manner that Toybiz X-Men figures from the early 90’s did. They only move forward or backward. If they moved outward it would be a huge improvement.

      We’re close enough to SDCC reveals that I’m not discounting the possibility of Hasbro showing off an improved Lizard there. He’s the headliner villain of The Amazing Spider-Man, so I don’t think it’s out of the question that they’re cooking up a better version of ol’ Lizzy (I hope).

  3. Hasbro ruined marvel toys. Toy biz were geniuses . I stopped collecting marvel toys after a long time due the stupid scale , articulation and terrible paint jobs. The sculpting has gone down hill too. Figures for the new avengers movie are terrible , the hulk is the same height as Thor , cap and iron man.

    Fuck you Hasbro