TOY REVIEW: Avengers Loki & Nick Fury Movie Minimates (Diamond Select)

Avengers Movie Minimates Loki and Nick Fury Action Figures 2012Last week I reviewed the Minimates Avengers Hawkeye and Black Widow figures from Art Asylum/Diamond Select Toys, and today I’ll be covering the other Toys R Us Exclusive two-pack of Loki and Nick Fury. The set doesn’t quite reach the same heights of greatness as the Avengers Hawkeye and Black Widow Minimates figures due to issues with back-heaviness, having a few less accessories, and some restricted articulation. But make no mistake–this is a great-looking and fun set, and let’s face it–everyone wants good Samuel “Nick Fury” Jackson and Loki figures to complete their Avengers shelf… and these Minimates are very, very good…

The Right:

Samuel Jackson is the leader of a covert government defense agency, the most lethal lightsaber fighter of all-time, and really hates snakes. So Samuel Jackson is pretty much my hero. So it was a no-brainer that I’d be picking up his Avengers movie Minimate figure, especially when it was paired with my favorite Marvel movie villain ever: Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. I had to search around a bit for this set, as it’s a Toys R Us exclusive, but I finally tracked it down and it was well-worth the effort.

In Bubble Avengers Minimates Nick Fury and Loki Figures Toys R Us Exclusives 2012Avengers Movie Minimates Nick Fury Action Figure 2012I wasn’t sure how much detail Art Asylum would be able to get into the Nick Fury figure, seeing as how he wears a costume that’s completely black with a black trench coat on top of it. Luckily, grey lines have been utilized to depict textures and wrinkled in Fury’s costume. Nick has a dour expression on his face that’s perfect for the character, and the glossy plastic on the trench coat really does give off the feeling of Fury wearing leather.

Nick Fury has two weapons: a pistol and a rocket launcher. The pistol is the same as the ones that came with Black Widow. It looks good and, as with Black Widow, Nick Fury’s holster does a smashing job of storing the gun tightly and stylishly. The Rocket Launcher–well, by now you’ve seen the Avengers movie and know how awesome the scene with Nick Fury and the Rocket Launcher is. This is absolutely the best secondary weapon to give ol’ Sam Jackson, and a terrific selection by Art Asylum. Once again, it looks good and Minimates Nick Fury can hold the Rocket Launcher tightly. Really, Minimates are so well designed that I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten one that can’t hold an accessory well, Avengers Minimates or otherwise.

Avengers Nick Fury Figure Minimates Holds off Alien Invasion LEGO ChitauriWhile Nick Fury’s choice in attire is about as plain as can be, Loki’s clothing is among the most elaborate of a character in a Marvel movie. Loki has a ton of different textures and buckles on his jacket, and multiple paints apps to bring the whole thing together. Loki has a neutral, but somewhat condescending expression on his face that I find more than a little bit amusing.

Avengers Movie Minimates Back Loki and Nick Fury Action Figures 2012Avengers Movie Minimates Loki Action Figure 2012Loki includes one weapon: his cosmic spear, which is obviously the most important accessory this figure should come with. Without the spear Loki is a midly annoying narcissist–with it, he’s a near-unstoppable badass. Surprisingly, this tiny 2″-scale of the Cosmic Spear by Diamond Select Toys is every bit as detailed as the one that came with the larger (and more expensive) 4″ Loki action figure in Hasbro’s Avengers line (And hey! I reviewed that Loki–check it out right here!). Loki also includes his helmet, which is a necessity for the figure. It adds height and presence to the Loki figure, and the gold paint used on it matches the ornamentation on his jacket and looks fabulous.

Avengers Hulk Action Figure Smashes Loki Minimate 2012
The Wrong:

Compared to the veritable arsenal that the awesome Avengers Hawkeye and Black Widow Minimates set came with, I wish this Avengers Loki and Nick Fury Minimates set came with a few more accessories. Nick Fury has pretty much what you’d expect from him, but I was pretty let-down that Loki is just bald under his helmet. I’d have actually rather had an alternate head for Loki with Tom Hiddleston hair than the Hawkeye alternate head with the glasses he doesn’t even wear in the movie. I think the Tesseract would have also been a fitting item to include with Loki.

Avengers Movie Minimates Loki Action Figure DisassembledAs good as the long robe on Loki looks, it’s also horribly restrictive and makes the figure very back-heavy. As a result you can’t get much posing out of Loki, and he falls over much more frequently than the other Avengers Minimates do. Nick Fury’s trench coat isn’t quite as bad, but it does limit his arm movement slightly and he also seems to be a little more unstable than your average Minimates figure.

Avengers Movie Minimates Nick Fury Action Figure DisassembledIt’s sort of the nature of these add-on coat-pieces that they will make the Minimates they’re attached to back-heavy, because, well… they’re heavier in the back. Minimates don’t really have the lower-body articulation necessary to offset the weight of the coat-piece. It’s not a huge problem, but you do need to be careful when posing your Nick Fury and Loki figures, and they’ll simply always be more prone to falling over than other Minimates like the Hawkeye and Black Widow figures.

The only other thing I don’t like about the design of the Nick Fury figure is that the strap on his eyepatch starts on the front of the Minimate figure’s head and ends on the back of the head, but the design is just gone in-between! I understand why Art Asylum didn’t want the patch infrigning on Samuel Jackson’s bald head, but it seems bizarre for the strap to go in and out of existence. I wish they’d somehow found a way to make it run along the side of the head and then end on the back.

Overall: All of my quibbles aside, the Minimates Avengers Nick Fury and Loki figure set is still pretty good. A good set and very worth having for the most crucial characters in the Avengers movie beyond the core team, this set earns a solid recommendation.The leather trench coat on Nick Fury and his Samuel Jackson portrait look stupendous (for a Minimate), and the Rocket Launcher accessory is a great inclusion and a ton of fun. Loki is one of the most elaborate Minimates as far as sculpting and paint go, but I was disappointed in his lack of a true Tom Hiddleston head and the drawbacks of the robe. This set is a terrific value and part of the most complete lineup of Avengers movie toys released, and even with its minor flaws, it earns a solid recommendation.



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