Daily Toy Review #45: Modern Thor Marvel Legends Series 1 2012 Action Figure (Hasbro)

Thor Marvel Legends 2012 Modern Action FigureIt’s the penultimate entry in my Marvel Legends Series 1 Reviews, and today I’ve got the only figure in the set without a Build-A-Figure Terrax piece–because he’s as big as the Build-A-Figure all by himself: Modern Thor! A slightly-different “powered-up” special edition of this figure was sold at San Diego Comic Con 2011, but I’m not enough of a Thor fan to need a variant of that nature, so my first time seeing the Thor mold in person was when I cracked open my fresh case of Marvel Legends. I’ve seen this figure referred to as “Heroic Age Thor”, but I swear he was wearing this costume well beforehand, so I’m just calling him “Modern Thor”. We got this version of Thor in the Marvel Universe line back in 2010, and that was a great figure for its time. But as good as the Marvel Universe version of this figure was, this Marvel Legends Modern Thor literally totally dwarfs that one… and I do mean “dwarfs”…

Marvel Legends Thor 2012 Heroic Age Action FigureWith Thor being one of Marvel’s most popular characters and the imminent arrival of the Avengers movie, including this modern incarnation of Thor in Marvel Legends Series 1 was a complete no-brainer. We’ve had a couple of Thors released in prior Marvel Legends lines, but this one is all-new and a vastly different and upgraded figure from what we’ve seen before.

The head sculpt on Thor is tremendous–he looks angry, determined, and majestic all at the same time. His helmet is sculpted-on and non-removable, but I prefer that as it keeps Thor’s head properly scaled and I don’t have to worry about his helmet popping off all the time. And as I complained in my Marvel Universe Ages of Thunder Thor review, who wants a helmetless Thor anyway?

Thor Marvel Legends 2012 Modern Action FigureThor’s arms and legs are all covered in chain-mail, and Hasbro went above and beyond the call of duty on it. The armor has a terrific sculpted texture to it, along with an effective paint wash over the silver paint that really makes it look like metal chain mail instead of just silver plastic.

The cape is made from a mostly-hard plastic, but it has a little bit of give and flexibility to it so it’s not a burden to the figure in the way that the excessively-rigid capes DC Universe Classics a few years ago used to be. The cape is lightly-textured and also has a black paint wash over it, giving it a detailed and realistic appearance.

Packaged Marvel Legends Thor 2012 Action Figure HasbroAlso, it’s a small detail, but I really appreciate the add-on brown strap that Hasbro affixed to Thor’s tunic. It’s a minor addition, but I feel that it really adds extra depth and authenticity to the figure and is definitely a worthy inclusion.

Sometimes companies will cheap out on the articulation on big figures like Modern Thor–that’s not the case with Marvel Legends. Hasbro integrated just as much articulation into the massive God of Thunder as they did all the other figures in the set. Thor has an impressive 26 points of articulation including: ball-jointed head, ball-jointed upper torso, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed elbows, double-jointed wrists, ball-jointed hips, swivel-thighs, double-jointed knees, and double-jointed ankles. Thor’s girth slightly inhibits some of his joints, but the articulation on Thor is far more usable and effective than I’d anticipated. You can get Thor into loads of interesting poses, though it may be tough getting him to balance in many of them with his ankle joints not being quite perfect (more on that later).

Thor includes one weapon: his legendary hammer, Mjolnir. To put it simply, it’s perfect. Thor’s right hand has been sculpted such that Mjolnir fits in firmly and holds tightly through whatever posing you do with him. To be frank, I wish Terrax’s grip was implemented as nicely as Thor’s. In addition, the paint deco on Mjolnir is fantastic–it really looks like detailed, battle-worn metal.

Terrax vs. Marvel Legends Thor 2012 Action Figure Hasbro
Cardback Marvel Legends Thor 2012 Action Figure HasbroUnlike every other figure in Marvel Legends Series 1, Thor doesn’t include any Terrax Build-A-Figure pieces, a “Tales of Terrax” insert, or anything else Terrax-related. I’m fine with that, as Thor is such a beast that he’s as tall and heavy as a Build-A-Figure himself, and is a great value even without including any additional Build-A-Figure pieces. I heard somewhere Thor might come with a flight stand, but there’s none included. Given Thor’s size, I’m not really surprised by that, and I definitely won’t hold it against this figure.

And once more, we come to the generic packaging blurb. I’ll be brief: I love the 2012 Marvel Legends packaging. It’s bright, vibrant, and character-specific. The huge artwork on the front and back of the card depicting the character you’re buying is engaging and a real treat to look at, and it’s a shame you have to utterly destroy the packaging to get at the figure inside. The only thing I’d like to see improved is slightly more text about the characters on the cardbacks, but in general this is some of the prettiest packaging on the market today and it absolutely blows the Marvel Universe 4″ line’s packaging away.

The Wrong:

My first thought upon taking Thor out of my case was “Holy shit, he’s HUGE!” Seriously, this Thor is a behemoth. He’s not just slightly bigger than Captain America and Thor–he towers over them. This Thor is a freaking monster. I comprehend that Thor is a Norse God and thus has a larger presence and godlike stature than mere mortal heroes, but I really think Thor’s amount of beefcake is over-the-top. I thought Thor was only supposed to be 6’6″ or a little bigger, but here looks like freakin’ Andre the Giant or something compared to everyone else. Thor’s height seems very bizarre to me and the scale here just does not look right to me.

Scale Photo Marvel Legends Thor Hope and Steve Rogers 2012 Action Figures HasbroWhile Thor has a copious amount of articulation for a figure of his size and mass, there are still a couple points missing I would’ve liked integrated. While Thor is as large and heavy as Terrax, he can’t stand up nearly as well. Why? The crucial ankle rockers that Terrax has are absent on Thor. With a figure as large and top-heavy as Thor, the ankle rockers are even more beneficial than usual, so the absence of them is definitely disappointing after seeing how well they worked on Terrax. In addition, I miss the swivel waist most figures in Series 1 have–since Thor’s hard-plastic cape is so restrictive, I think it would have really helped out with posing him.

“Where Can I Buy It!?”

Modern Thor is part of Hasbro’s 2012 Marvel Legends Series 1. He’s packed at one-per-case, and may be hard to find since this is a popular version of Thor. As of writing, these figures have only been sighted at retail at Toys R Us, where they retail for $17.99 + tax.

Ebay is always a great option for looking for deals on new-release action figures, as ebay tends to have listings for figures literally the day they turn up in any store. Click here to check out the current ebay listings for Marvel Legends Modern Thor!

Amazon has Modern Thor in-stock right now from various sellers, but prices and availability change rapidly on Amazon so you’ll need to click through for the current specifics.

BigBadToyStore stocks virtually every Marvel product Hasbro releases each year, and have cases of 8 containing all of Marvel Legends Series 1 for $124.99 as well as Modern Thor available for $19.99 individually.

Overall: Modern Thor is a figure that really surprised me in a lot of ways. Most notably is his enormous size, which is my biggest issue with the figure. Even so, there’s no way I can deny this figure a well-deserved “A” grade. Thor’s paintwork is phenomenal, there’s plenty of articulation and the joints are all nice and tight, Mjolnir is flawless, and the sculpting is excellent. Quality-control is high on this figure, and I had no problems with warping or messed-up paint. Modern Thor isn’t completely perfect, but he is exceptionally good and a much more exciting figure than I was expecting him to be. Thor is highly-recommended and an essential figure for any Marvel Legends collector who likes the modern interpretations of Marvel characters.


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