Daily Toy Review #40: Steve Rogers Super-Soldier Marvel Legends Series 1 Variant 2012 Action Figure (Hasbro)

Marvel Legends Series 1 is back at retail after a pain-induing wait, and I couldn’t be more psyched about it! I’ll be reviewing every figure in the wave over the next week, and you can find all those reviews in the Toy Reviews Index. I started off the reviews yesterday with relative newcomer Hope Summers and also posted the fresh giveaway contest for my Stealth Extremis Iron Man, but today I’ve got a new version of one of Marvel oldest and most classic characters: Steve Rogers. Better known to 99% of the world’s population as Captain America, Steve Rogers took the reins of protecting the world from super-powered threats following the inevitable psychopathic breakdown of his predecessor, Norman Osborn. Steve allowed his former sidekick Bucky to continue on as Captain America, while Rogers himself protected mankind during the “Heroic Age” as Steve Roger: Super-Soldier. I’m not a huge Captain America fan so I wasn’t waiting on pins and needles for another figure of him–but now that I have it, I love it and plan on keeping Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier as my default Cap for a long time…

The Right:

I’d heard quite a bit of discussion regarding Steve Rogers’ scale while I was waiting for mine to arrive, so I was anticipating the worst with him. Now that I have him in my hands, I’m not sure what the big deal was. He’s a head taller than teenager Hope Summers and significantly smaller than the God of Thunder. True, Steve is larger than some of the other figures like Constrictor, but Steve Rogers took the Super-Soldier serum and is in the epitome of human physical condition–I feel like Steve should be larger than mere humans like Constrictor. His size seems to be just about right to me. He does look a little too large next to Extremis Iron Man, but between those two figures, the one that’s out-of-scale is clearly Iron Man.

Marvel Legends Series 1 2012 Scale Size Comparison Photo Hope Thor Steve Rogers
I was also surprised by the early complaints that Steve Rogers looks too much like Duke from G.I. Joe Sigma Six. You mean they’re not the same person? Because I’m pretty sure they are. All kidding aside, I absolutely see the resemblance between the two, but I don’t have a problem with the head sculpt at all. Steve’s a young-looking white guy with blonde hair, a short military haircut, and a battle-ready serious expression–he was always going to look a lot like Duke. I like the head sculpt and I can definitely recognize it instantly as Steve Rogers. Most of the rest of Steve’s sculpt is pretty basic, but I think the boots on him look super and I love all of the various pouches and belts.

Like Hope Summers, Steve Rogers features some of Hasbro’s best efforts at articulation. Steve has an exceptional 24 points of articulation including a hinged neck, ball-jointed head, ab-crunch upper-torso, swivel waist, ball-jointed shoulders, double-jointed elbows, swivel forearms, ball-jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, and double-jointed ankles. The head has an incredible range of motion due to being ball-jointed on top of having the hinged neck. This is the level of articulation I expect in my 6″ collector lines of action figures, and I feel that Hasbro has come through completely for me with this first new series of Marvel Legends figures.

Marvel Legends 2012 Steve Rogers Super Soldier Series 1 Variant Action Figure HasbroSteve Rogers: Super Soldier includes three weapons: a pair of twin pistols and his shield. I’m reviewing the variant version of Steve Rogers, so he has the transparent ionic shield that Rogers wielded in continuity. The clear shield is a really nice change from the traditional Captain America shield that I have tons of in many sizes and scales, and adds a splash of color and uniqueness to this figure to really make it pop. The shield has both a clasp for attaching to Steve’s arm and a peg on it that can be used to firmly attach it to Steve’s back. The shield is a crucial part of Steve’s character and it’s definitely been done justice here.

The paintwork on Steve Rogers is solidly done and cleanly applied. The red stripes on the sides of his pants really brighten up Steve Rogers’ costume, and the paint deco on all of the various buckles is a great detail. I’m especially happy with how nice the faces are turning out on these figures, as the larger scale allows the faces to have much more paint detailing. I think the paints on these toys are far superior to most of Toybiz’s Marvel Legends.

Steve Rogers has a couple of bonus items that come with him related to Series 1′s Build-A-Figure, Terrax. Steve Rogers is the pinnacle of masculinity in the Marvel Universe, so it’s only fitting that he include Terrax’s crotch. I’ll talk about all of build-a-figure pieces of Terrax in-depth when I review Terrax. In addition, Steve Rogers comes with a unique fold-out piece of paper with a “Tale of Terrax” featuring the Fantastic Four on one side (instructing collectors on what comic they can read to continue the story), and a checklist/diagram for how to build Terrax on the reverse side. It’s no replacement for the full comic books that Hasbro Marvel Legends included, but it adds an air of important to the BAF and it’s still worlds better than the awful “collectible comic shots” Marvel Universe figures are including in 2012.

Finally, the generic packaging blurb. I’ll be brief: I love the 2012 Marvel Legends packaging. It’s bright, vibrant, and character-specific. The huge artwork on the front and back of the card depicting the character you’re buying is engaging and a real treat to look at, and it’s a shame you have to utterly destroy the packaging to get at the figure inside. The only thing I’d like to see improved is slightly more text about the characters on the cardbacks, but in general this is some of the prettiest packaging on the market today and it absolutely blows the Marvel Universe 4″ line’s packaging away.

The Wrong:

I’m not happy if I don’t nitpick just a little, so even though I’m really pleased with Steve Rogers, here’s a few critiques:

I love that Steve can hold his pistols so well, but it’s a real letdown that he doesn’t have holsters for the guns or any kind of storage capacity for them whatsoever. I’ve become so accustomed to my Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures having usable holsters at a smaller scale and much cheaper price that the lack of them here really bothers me.

I was lucky enough to get the variant Steve Rogers myself, but I’m not at all excited that the translucent shield version is the variant. As the energy shield was the one that Steve was routinely using during the time he was using this costume in the comics, it should have absolutely been with the regular version of the figure and not the chase. I foresee a lot of collectors who can’t find the variant ending up disappointed with this.

Unlike many of the figures in Series 1, Steve Rogers is lacking any kind of wrist articulation (although he does have swivel forearms). I’m unilaterally against figures not having wrist articulation, and I’m not really sure why Hasbro chose to leave it out on Steve. And again–no ankle rocker articulation. Steve can balance well and strike a pose without any troubles without them, but I want them and they should be standard articulation on this line. (The only figure in the series with ankle rockers is Terrax, by the way.)

Constrictor vs. Marvel Legends 2012 Steve Rogers Super Soldier Series 1 Variant Action Figure Hasbro
“Where Can I Buy It!?”

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier is part of Hasbro’s 2012 Marvel Legends Series 1. He’s packed at one-per-case and he seems to be the most popular figure in the set, so he may be hard to find. As of writing, these figures have only been sighted at retail at Toys R Us, where they retail for $17.99 + tax.

Ebay is always a great option for looking for deals on new-release action figures, as ebay tends to have listings for figures literally the day they turn up in any store. Click here to check out the current ebay listings for Marvel Legends Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier!

Amazon has Steve Rogers in-stock right now from various sellers, but prices and availability change rapidly on Amazon so you’ll need to click through for the current specifics.

BigBadToyStore stocks virtually every Marvel product Hasbro releases each year, and have cases of 8 containing all of Marvel Legends Series 1 for $124.99 as well as Steve Rogers available for $11.99 individually.

Overall: Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier is a very basic figure, but everything he does, he does well. The articulation and paint on Steve Rogers are both top-notch, and I personally have no qualms about his scale or likeness. The translucent ionic shield looks really sharp, and I love that he can dual-wield his twin pistols so well with his fingers on the triggers of each. Quality-control standards were clearly high on this figure, as he has nothing but cleanly-applied paint and tight joints. The lack of working holsters for the pistols bothers me and I’d have liked ankle rockers and wrist joints to maximize the articulation, but this is overall a sensational action figure of Steve Rogers and earns my highest-possible recommendation.


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