Updated Code Number List with 5-Digit Codes: My Little Pony Blind Bags US Series 1 Kiosk Ponies 2012 (Hasbro)

I couldn’t emotionally cope with the stress of chasing after random blind bags trying to complete a set of the Series 1 My Little Pony blind bags, so I bought the whole case at Wal-Mart (including the box) and documented the codes for each pony myself.

I’ve provided a list below for those wanting an easy way of decoding what pony is in what blind bag from the United States release of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Series 1 Kiosk Ponies.

UPDATE APRIL 11TH, 2012: Recent shipments of the Series 1 Blind Bags have contained Ponies with 5-Digit Codes printed on the bags, slightly lower down the backflap below where the two-digit codes are printed. For your convenience, I’ve added the 5-digit codes for every pony onto the code list, in addition to the original codes, so that no matter what assortment you find in stores, you’ll always know which pony you’re buying! Happy hunting!

NOTE: I’ve had many people contact me wanting to know where they can buy these My Little Pony figures. These Series 1 blind bags have been crazy-popular in stores like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, so if you can’t find them at your local store, Amazon.com has Mystery Blind Bag Packs available for sale right here. There are also hundreds of listings on ebay for both the United States and international releases of the blind bag ponies, making it by far the best and easiest place to find them right now. Click here to check out the current ebay listings for My Little Pony Blind Bag figures!

The number embossed on the bag on the flap of the bag on the back, directly to the right of the peg-hole, reveals which pony is inside each bag. Be careful when deciphering the number on the bag, as the ‘3’, ‘6’, ‘8’, and ‘9’ all look very similar at first glance.

The numbers loosely correspond to the order of the ponies on the brochures included inside each blind bag, starting with #1 (Pinkie Pie) on the first side and #12 (Flower Wishes) on the second side. In addition, the number on the bag will match the number on the bottom right corner of the description side of the collector’s card. So #13, Roseluck, will have “13” printed on the bottom right of her collector card and also embossed on the back of her bag next to the peg hole.

The code list for the United States My Little Pony Blind Bags Series 1 is as follows:

1 or 20415 – Pinkie Pie
2 or 20425 – Applejack
3 or 20435 – Rainbow Dash
4 or 20445 Rarity
5 or 20455 Twilight Sparkle
or 20465 Fluttershy
7 or 20475 Sugar Grape
8 or 20485 Lily Blossom
9 or 20495 Minty
10 or 21405 – Bumblesweet
11 or 21415 Fizzypop
12 or 21425 Flower Wishes
13 or 21435 Roseluck
14 or 21445 Sweetie Blue
15 or 21455 Pepperdance
16 or 21465 Lemon Hearts
17 or 21475 Cherry Spices
18 or 21485 Sweetie Swirl
19 or 21495 Lucky Swirl
20 or 22405 Sweetcream Scoops
21 or 21415 Firecracker Burst
22 or 21425 Pinkie Pie (Special Edition)
23 or 21435 Twilight Sparkle (Special Edition)
24 or 21445 Rainbow Dash (Special Edition)

You can find complete photo galleries of all 24 ponies (front and back) as well as their collector cards on my blog by accessing my full review articles. My Little Pony Blind Bags Series 1 Kiosk Ponies 2 Part 1 is posted here and My Little Pony Blind Bags Series 1 Kiosk Ponies 2 Part 1 is right here.


Updated Code Number List with 5-Digit Codes: My Little Pony Blind Bags US Series 1 Kiosk Ponies 2012 (Hasbro) — 28 Comments

  1. is there any place where i can buy them online… i have not had luck finding any in all my local walmart or toys r us

  2. I’m so disheartened. I’ve found 6 randoms and I already have the mane 6. 12 to go and nowhere near me is stocking them.

      • Where are you located and what store did you buy them at? There may be different codes for different stores, but I’m not sure where you purchased yours.

        • Brad is right. They changed the packaging. I got almost two whole sets by looking for the imprinted number (thank you btw) but now that the older daughter wants her own ponies, I can’t see any ryhme or reason to the packaging. I get all mine from Wal-Mart, it’s the only place I’ve seen them.

  3. Smaller wal-marts don’t have them, and toys R us carries them, but they might not be on the shelf, so just ask them if they have any in back. If anyone has a 5 below near them, they sell them as well, and they use the 5 digit codes. I also found them at a truck stop once, but I’m not sure where, and I haven’t checked Kmart as of yet

  4. The last couple of numbers are off on the second digit, they should be:

    22415 – Firecracker Burst
    22425 – Pinkie Pie (Special Edition)
    22435 – Twilight Sparkle (Special Edition)
    22445 – Rainbow Dash (Special Edition)

    • Now im punching myself for not buying that unidentifiable special edition pinkie. Shoot.

  5. I can confirm these codes as correct. A couple days ago I went through a fresh box of blind bags searching by code (as well as the corrected codes in the comment above) and managed to get 22 of 24 in one shot.. Two to go.

    It should also be noted that ToysRUs sells an 12-pony collectors box containing the Mane Six as well as 6 exclusive ponies not listed in the collection count of the blind-bag 24.

    • I picked up that 12-pony box-set at ToyRus ($19). They seem to have their own numbering system (located on the bottom-right of the back of the collector cards).
      1= PinkyPie
      2= Rarity
      3= RainbowDash
      4= AppleJack
      5= TwilightSparkle
      6= FlutterShy
      7= CoconutCream
      8= SweetSong
      9= SkyWishes
      10= GardeniaGlow
      11= BeachBerry
      12= PeachyPie

  6. I just got my first blind bag pony today i opened it to find special edition rainbow dash 🙂 im really interested in finding more! even if some of them are just recolors of the mane six but they still seem epic!

  7. There is two colors of glitter Twilight right? If so, is it the same number or different 5 digit number?

    • I would like to bump this up since I am also curious about this. I got my purple SE/glitter/sparkly Twilight before the number changed from 1-2-digit numbers to the indecipherable 5-digit numbers, and I really want the pink SE Twilight.

  8. I got my blind bags at wallgreens and I can’t find the number codes on them I searched the whole top row but I can’t find them where do you think I would be able to find it?

  9. My wife was turned on to these by an employee at Walgreens. My daughter was hugging a huge, $20 pony when an employee suggested they check out these little bags. My wife bought three and my daughter was over the moon.
    I was curious immediately so went to the internet. Within 5 minutes I found this posting. We found the codes on the bag in the suggested spot and wrote them down. Then we came up with a list of all others. I have gone to three Walgreens and found the blind bags in 2 of the 3. I have probably spent more than 4 hours in Walgreens trying to read the code on the bag for every unit I could find in stock. I have given a couple to my daughter and so far what I was expecting in the bag matches the info on this page. I have 13 or so remaining ponies to give to my daughter and I am confident I did not buy the same one twice.

    • Oh…these we $2.99/bag at Walgreens and the codes, which are stamped into the bag, are sometimes difficult to read. My daughter only gets these when she does something she should or makes my heart smile (which is quite often). We tie the pony to a good deed or job well done. At this rate, they will be gone in a couple of days cuz she quickly figured out a pony appears out of thin air when she is exceptionally lovely.

    • the code posted is wrong. they repeated numbers. its 22425, 22435, and 22445.

  10. Thanks so much for decoding these. My 3 year old daughter literally starting crying because we haven’t got any of the main ponies from the show after around 15 packs. Finally we can track them down for her. Going to the store tonight. We have quite a few duplicates of the others so far. If anyone is interested in those LMK.

  11. Thank you for your efforts, they are much appreciated. Works like a charm, saved me an enormous headache trying to locate 1 particular pony out of 24.

  12. You have helped tremendously!! I am addicted and my 4 yr old loves them! I just went to Walmart and figured out how to get the ones we don’t have, even though they are both blue series and now we haven’t had duplicates-thanks for taking the time to post-I’m excited to collect them as I’ve been a fan since I was four back in the early 80’s. YAY!

  13. I use the little vent hole to see what color pony is in the bag. I slide the pony to the hole and try to see the color of the body and mane/tail, then compare those colors to the pony list on the back. For the clear chasers, I have a little led light on my keychain that I shine through the back hole and towards me.