Daily Toy Review #7: Law & Order G.I. Joe Renegades Action Figure (Hasbro)

I don’t think this’ll shock anyone who’s been reading this blog, but I’m a sucker for figures with animal companions. In addition, most of my favorite G.I. Joes ever are the ones introduced in the “much-loved” 1986 movie, particularly Jinx and Tunnel Rat. As such, I’ve a special spot in my heart reserved for G.I. Joe member Law and his dog, Order. I’ve never been sure precisely what need a super-elite military force like G.I. Joe would have for a simple Military Police K-9 unit, but I love the characters all the same. So even though I’ve watched zero episodes of the “G.I. Joe Renegades” cartoon series, when I heard Law & Order figures were being made for it, I was in. And even without any knowledge of the show, I’m very satisfied with both figures…

The Right:

First, let’s talk about my (and everyone else’s) favorite part of this duo: the dog. This version of Order is beyond a doubt the cutest G.I. Joe pack-in animal companion ever. Back in the vintage line, Order was a fierce German Shepherd who was honestly kind of scary to look at. This time out he looks like the cuddliest, sweetest dog in the world who just wants to lick your face while fighting evil. Order still doesn’t have any articulation, but he has an adorable vest on him with lots of pockets and detailing. Order is a complete triumph.

Law is pretty good himself, though not total perfection. This is one of the more elaborate sculpts of the newer Joes I’ve purchased, and that’s largely due to his outstanding vest. The vest itself is hugely detailed, and seems a much more appropriate attire than the outfit the vintage 1986 Law wore. There’s a communication device molded into the vest, along with Law’s officer badge and various belts and pouches. Law’s vest is removable, but it’s also the best part of the figure and he’s just a plain, undecorated figure underneath so I don’t know why you’d want to take it off.

You’d think that since he already comes with a dog pack-in animal Law might get slighted for weapons, but you’d be completely wrong. As far as accessories go, there are a TON of them. Besides Order, Law also includes a removable vest, tactical helmet, face shield, tonfa, shotgun, pistol, handcuffs, flashlight and electroshock weapon. The flashlight and pistol fit firmly into holsters on Law’s leg, and I have to say I’m in love with the new Joes that can carry multiple weapons on their bodies. The handcuffs are an especially great and fun accessory, as you can use them to handcuff figures from Marvel Universe and Star Wars as well. Ever wanted to arrest Captain America? Now you can.

Law’s articulation is excellent and includes 21 points: Ball-jointed head, ball-jointed shoulders, double-jointed elbows, double-jointed knees, swivel waist, upper torso, ball-jointed hips, double-jointed ankles and swivel wrists. The vest restricts Law’s upper-torso movement, but you can remove the vest if you have a burning desire to pose Law’s upper-torso. I’m ecstatic about the swivel waist on this figure, as several of the other figures I purchased with Law including Sci-Fi and Lifeline don’t have the swivel waist and suffer for it.

The Wrong:

Despite being part of the “Renegades” line of G.I. Joe figures, Law isn’t in the animated Renegades style. At all. His head doesn’t look ANYTHING like the card art on the package. It’s almost like Hasbro had an unused Law figure laying around in the realistic style and just threw it out as part of the “Renegades” line since it isn’t 30th Anniversary style. This is going to be a big disappointment for collectors hoping to add to their Renegades team with Law. I wouldn’t mind him being realistically styled myself, but the head still doesn’t look right. The facial sculpt looks old and wrinkled and tired, and I’ve never gotten the sense that Law was an old veteran soldier or anything like that. In the 1986 movie he was a young new recruit, and the Renegades card art indicates the same. I just don’t think Hasbro got this quite right.

The Ridiculous:

The only accessory I have a problem with is the face shield, which is way, WAY too big to fit on Law comfortably and looks pretty ridiculous. It falls down around his neck, so it’s not likely to protect Law from anything except an enemy going for a fatal throat shot. I dunno if the factory produced the face shield wrong or if it was just designed badly, but it sucks. Big thumbs down.

If anybody has any ideas on how to modify this face shield so that it works properly, or wants to let me know if I’m using it in the incorrect manner, feel free to chime in. From my current perspective, it seems almost comical, so I feel like I must be using it wrong.

“Where Can I Buy It!?”

Law & Order are supposedly part of the fourth 2012 wave of G.I. Joes, so I got them a bit early from BigBadToyStore. I’ve heard a couple people say they’ve seen them in stores, but they still seem to be quite rare at the moment. There are a variety of online options:

BigBadToyStore stocks virtually every G.I. Joe released each year, and have cases of 12 containing Law & Order, Sci-Fi, Lifeline, Zombie Vipers and so forth for $84.99 as well as Law & Order available for $11.99 individually.

Amazon has Law & Order in-stock right now from various sellers, but prices and availability change rapidly on Amazon so you’ll need to click through for the current specifics.

Overall: All-around, this is an outstanding G.I. Joe action figure. Law looked a little too bright and cartoony in the vintage line, but he looks like a serious hardass MP officer now. His vest seriously might be one of the best ever for a G.I. Joe figure, and Law comes with a veritable treasure trove of accessories. The handcuffs are just too slick, and I feel the temptation to go out and buy a bunch of Law figures in order to army-build the ever-useful handcuffs. Order is a vast improvement over his 1986 self, and may be my favorite G.I. Joe animal pack-in ever. The design for the face shield is poor and Law’s face itself looks too wizened for my taste, but all the great aspects about this figure are more than necessary to drown out the bad ones. If you’re looking for another figure in the animated style to add to your Renegades display you’ll be sorely disappointed, but if you want a more modern, realistic Law & Order, you’re going to be thrilled by this set. I have no regrets whatsoever about buying these figures, and the package earns a strong recommendation.



Daily Toy Review #7: Law & Order G.I. Joe Renegades Action Figure (Hasbro) — 7 Comments

  1. Looks like a great figure. I was initially disappointed that he didn’t quite match his 1980s counterpart, but this looks like an excellent update to the character. I’ll be picking this one up for sure.

  2. Yo! Great review. I’m excited to find this figure and snag one.

    As far as the face shield goes…I don’t own the figure, so I’ve got no idea about the dimensions…but maybe it’s meant to fit over his helmet? Kinda like the night vision attachment on the ROC Pit Trooper.

    • You are absolutely right about the blast shield fitting over the helmet! I tried it under the helmet and without the helmet, but it just didn’t click in my head that it would go over the helmet!

      Thanks, man!

  3. The face shield fits over the helmet, that’s a suppressor (silencer) for the pistol, not a flashlight and this toy–much like Lifeline, SciFi and every other recent G.I. Joe 3.75″ figure except Dusty/Recondo–does not swivel at the waist.

    • Dude, I spend a lot of time with my toys before I review anything, and I put a lot of love and care into them. Mistakes are going to happen sometimes, but I can promise you that Law swivels at the waist, because he’s in my hands right now, swiveling back-and-forth at the waist.

      The filecard says that Law comes with a flashlight and says nothing about a silencer, so I confused the flashlight-shaped thing on his leg with a flashlight. As it turns out, that’s a silencer and the filecard lies about there being a flashlight included.

      You’re right about the blast shield–it does clip over the helmet. I tried it under the helmet and without the helmet because it didn’t make sense to me that it’d go over the helmet–that’s my mistake.

      • Nice editing of my original reply. If you’re going to advertise your reviews on forums devoted to adults collecting kid’s toys, it’s a good idea to do some research before posting them. Anyway, I have Law in my hand right now as well, and its waist does not swivel. There is, however, a “mid-torso” joint that allows the figure’s upper body to twist and lean forward and backwards. This is the same joint found on all G.I.Joe figures beginning with the 25th Anniversary. The only recent G.I. Joe figures with a waist swivel are those using the Dusty/Recondo torso.

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