TOY REVIEW: Ultimate Magneto Marvel Universe Wave 16 Action Figure (Hasbro)

Marvel Universe Ultimate Magneto Action FigureContinuing my bender of Marvel Universe toy reviews after my reviews of Iceman and the Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this week, tonight I’m reviewing Ultimate Magneto from Marvel Universe Wave 16. This is the first action figure representation of Ultimate Magneto ever, and a rare entry into the Marvel Universe toyline from the Ultimate Universe, as the only Ultimate figures released previously in the line were the Ultimate versions of Captain America and Madrox the Multiple Man (as well as Ultimate Iron Man in his movie line). The first Magneto figure released in the Marvel Universe line was considered to be a pretty big disappointment to many collectors. Does Ultimate Magneto fare any better? Well… yes and no.

The Right:

Ultimate Magneto Marvel Universe Wave 16Hasbro could have really cheaped out and repainted the original Marvel Universe Magneto figure (from the Secret Wars 2-Pack with Black-Costume Spider-Man) in Ultimate Magneto colors, but they opted not to do that. While this Magneto has the same head and cape as that figure, it has a different and more suitable body–the one also used on Starlord in the Guardians of the Galaxy set. Whereas the old Magneto figure looked way too ripped, this one is a thinner, more authentic-looking Magneto in accurate attire for the Ultimate Universe.

While the body is one major improvement for this Magneto figure, the other main upgrade to this figure is the color scheme. Gone is the classic bright purple and vibrant red, replaced by the moody black, dark purple, and navy blue colors Magneto adorns in the Ultimate Universe. I’m a big fan of that uniform for Magneto, and am thrilled to have him in that attire as an action figure. I wouldn’t mind at all if they adapt Ultimate Magneto for the new Marvel Legends line in 2012 as well, but this is good placeholder if nothing else.

The Wrong:

Ultimate Magneto Marvel Universe Wave 16

Magneto rides into battle atop his, uh, robot steed.

The new body mold used for this Magneto figure is a win/lose situation, unfortunately. While it is more accurate, it comes with the same major problem I had with my Starlord figure: Magneto’s lower left leg is horribly warped and ends up looking like it’s dislocated when you stand him up. I initially thought that my Starlord might be an anomaly, but obviously the problem is more widespread with this mold. The defective leg is a serious detraction from this figure’s appearance, and something Hasbro acutely needs to look into fixing if they’re going to continue using this mold.

Also, the shading technique used on Magneto’s face for this figure does not work out as planned. You can see from the card artwork that the intent was for Magneto’s face to look shadowed out and evil, but the paintwork doesn’t execute Ultimate Magneto Marvel Universe Wave 16that idea well at all. Instead, Magneto looks like he hasn’t washed his face for a month and it’s covered in dirt and grime. Considering how cool his illustration is on the package, I wish Hasbro had just painted his face black to try to recreate that picture.

Accessory-wise, you get a stand with Magneto’s name on it. Given the high cost of this figure ($8-$10 retail), it would’ve been gratifying to get a switch-out energy hand like the one in the card artwork to illustrate Magneto using his abilities, or some metal debris for Magneto to hurl, or… something. For just the figure and stand, this is not a good value.

“Where Can I Buy It?!”

There are a couple options for where to purchase Ultimate Magneto right now.

Ultimate Magneto can be a pain to find in stores, but he’s readily available for just about retail price on ebay. You can check out the current listings for Marvel Universe Ultimate Magneto on ebay directly by clicking here.

Amazon has the whole wave available with free shipping, including a bunch of hard-to-find figures like Astonishing Wolverine, Absorbing Man, Iceman, X-23, Darkhawk, and more.

BigBadToyStore has the best price on the Set of 5 for Wave 16 for just $49.99 (including Iceman, Ultimate Magneto, Absorbing Man, Astonishing Wolverine, and Tony Stark Iron Man) . That’s essentially the retail price, and I doubt any online stores will beat it. They’re already sold out of Ultimate Magneto individually.

Overall: This is a figure that I want to love and I just don’t. I love the design and colors of Ultimate Magneto, I love the artwork of Ultimate Magneto on the package, but I do not love this action figure. The warped left leg looks terrible and makes getting Magneto to stand up difficult, the hard plastic cape inhibits the articulation way too much, and the shading on Magneto’s face makes it look like his mutant power is poor hygiene.  In addition, the figure is not a good value as it’s $8-$10 for this figure that is a kitbash of other figures and has absolutely no new parts or accessories of any kind. I desperately want to like this action figure as he and Iceman are the main reasons I bought the Wave 16 set, but this toy just is not very good. I recommend this figure for fans of the Ultimate Universe, as it’s likely to be the only Ultimate Magneto we get for a long time (or ever), but I otherwise can’t recommend this figure to the casual Marvel Universe collector.


Ultimate Magneto vs. Astromech Droids Army

Magneto is an Astromech Droid’s worst nightmare.

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